Surinak Publications – “Sharing your story with the world”

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Surinak Publications -

Welcome to the Information Age!  In today’s world information is what drives commerce.  At Surinak Publications we help you share your information, your knowledge, your story.

Everyone has ideas, information, and knowledge in their head.  What’s yours?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could share your story and influence the world?  At Surinak Publications we make sure you are heard.

We have a variety of ways to make sure you are heard.  Whether it is through your website, or your eBook we will make sure your story is heard.  You just might want a non-profit site to share your mission or take an eBook with your valuable information to market to become the next Best Seller or maybe it is something in between.  However you want to share your information, we can make sure it is presented properly with the end goal in mind. Go to store

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Get Fit Now Club

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Get Fit Now Club

Exclusive monthly download of quality information and counseling on all the latest trends in regards to your Health and Fitness. Our amazing Infosheets of meaty content also come as professionally recorded audio in MP3 format files that you can download every months, and add to your mobile device and listen anywhere you like.

Everyone wants to look their very best! It is only natural to want your body to be strong, trim, and attractive! Not only will looking great make you feel good about yourself, it can improve your overall health and make you feel as good as you look!

There are many other benefits to having a body that is in its very best condition! When your body is fit and healthy, it will increase your self-esteem! This can do wonders to improve your social life, your business life, and virtually every other area of your life, too! You may not have realized how much you can gain from a body that is in top-notch condition– until you begin to see the results for yourself!

Getting your body in great shape is not nearly as difficult as you may think! The only catch is knowing what steps to take in a home workout routine, and which kinds of errors you need to avoid! When you have the facts in hand, you will know exactly how to plan the home workout routines that are the best for you, and avoid the pitfalls that can slow you down or be counterproductive!

Getting all of the information you need to create a fun, exhilarating home workout has never been easier! You will learn everything you need to know with this membership!

You can learn all about the kinds of exercises which will give you the desired results– including how to customize a home workout plan to suit your age, gender, body type, and activity level! Equally important, you will see how easy it is to create a plan that is as fun as it is useful!x

Everything You Need to Know About the Mistakes You Must Avoid! The wrong kind of home workout can be tiresome, frustrating, and tedious! These mistakes can lead you to quit! If you know about these mistakes in advance, you can have an ideal home workout without any of these problems!x

I guess that is kind of a silly question; “How much is that worth to you?” is kind of like asking how much is your health worth to you. I am sure the answer would be “priceless.” $17.00 compared to Priceless” is a drop in the bucket then, and in reality, that $17.00 will pay itself back the first time you put all the valuable information inside to use.

This one site will save you a considerable amount of time, frustration, and money! It is the only site you will ever need to plan and put into action a home workout system that will make a difference in your life!

This site is not aimed towards the rich or the poor, it is aimed at everyone who wants to be able to get fit and stay fit.

You’ll find all you need to know about health and fitness here. We’ll help you lose weight, tone up and get in shape, exercise safely and keep you up to date on the latest health and fitness finds end trend. Click the Get Started Banner here on the right, to get Started immediately! Go to store

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Best Online Meditation Teacher’s Training and Certification Program

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Best Online Meditation Teacher's Training and Certification Program

This training program is comprehensive. No secrets, wisdom or knowledge is withheld. In addition to learning the profound art of meditation, you will also be taught Yoga and Pranayama, as well as the practical wisdom on how to run a successful meditation center and create a high traffic meditation web site. Here is some of what the program teaches you.

You will find many more videos and articles of mine on my YouTube channel and web site, and here are those links for you to review.

This is a complete multi-media home study course to train you in the profound art of meditation, and make you capable of training others as well. Today there is no greater need than spiritual teachers and guides, and there is no greater calling either. This program is designed to help you become a master meditator and raise your level of consciousness, and also, to teach you how to help others do the same. This program fulfills my vision to create great teachers to spread the light of wisdom and Truth and it is my deepest pleasure and honor to offer it to you all.

In this program, I do not withhold any wisdom or knowledge. The Mastery of Meditation Training Manual used in this program is a 370 page fully illustrated e-book, which consists of material developed and perfected over 3 years.

In this program, I will not just teach you all there is to know about meditation, yoga for meditation and pranayama, but I will also share with you all the industry secrets on how to run a successful meditation center and a high traffic yoga and meditation web site. This will let you earn a living, while walking this noblest of paths.

The above testimonial by Joe was before the 370 page Training Manual was created. Now maneuvering the course is absolutely effortless :-) .

This extensive and detailed e-book comes complete with full color illustrations and active links. The links allow you to access additional material you may wish to study in order to deepen your knowledge and understanding of meditation, yoga and enlightened living.

The book will not just help you navigate the course easily, but will also serve as an excellent reference manual for you once you begin to teach your own cles. This manual consists of the very best articles and techniques from the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga web site and much much more.

The week by week syllabus and instructions on how to do this program are also included in the manual.

To ensure you learn the techniques correctly and precisely, this program comes with 15 online videos. The videos teach and demonstrate all the important meditation, yoga and pranayama techniques used in the program. The videos are all excellent quality and have received nearly 1 million views so far. In addition, they have also all received 5 star ratings from the viewing communities.

Each video also has an accompanying chapter in the training manual, which gives you the necessary details about the techniques being taught.

Finally, all the videos are linked to from the Meditation Training Manual, so they can be easily accessed and integrated into your training.

Upon successful completion of the program you will receive a signed certificate and a letter of recommendation from Anmol Mehta and Mastery of Meditation and Yoga, indicating you have ped the Meditation Teacher’s Training Program and are fully qualified to teach both basic and advanced Meditation. This includes teaching Yoga for Meditation and Pranayama as well.

4. Online Web Listings on Mastery Meditation and Yoga (On Google PR3 Page and Teachers Directory Page):

Being part of the training program gives you exclusive access to the Mastery of Meditation Teacher’s Training Newsletter. This newsletter is sent about 1 time per month only to the enrolled students and graduates, and is packed with key information, tips and free gifts to help you succeed as a meditation teacher.

The normal price for this program is $107, but for a limited time I am offering the entire program, directory listing, high PR links and bonus gifts for only $77. I guarantee you that you will not find a better Meditation Certification Program, and I also guarantee that you not get a better price either. This I am 100% sure of. Go to store

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How to Start a Junk Removal Business

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How to Start a Junk Removal Business

The money. Junk hauling pays WELL. Up to $80 an hour. And most of the time…it’s CASH.

It is possibly the least expensive business of all to start up. You don’t even need a truck…just rent one.

Work part time from home. No need for a shop or office, or set hours. Haul on weekends. Haul in the evenings after your job. If you’re looking for an easy-to-start business with flexible hours, this is the one.

Demand for the service. American homes are overflowing with junk. Many people don’t have a truck and don’t have time to haul away their junk. The service has become so popular that some national companies have annual sales exceeding $200 million. It’s a great time to start a junk removal business.

No advertising cost. Since the decline of yellow pages advertising, Craigslist has become the #1 source for junk hauling customers. It’s free, so you have the same access to customers as the big, expensive companies like 1-800-Got-Junk. Andbecause you will charge much less than what the big companies charge, you will be BUSY.

Treasure hunting. You would be shocked at what some people throw away! Working electronics, collectibles, sporting goods, etc. Clean that stuff up and sell it on Craigslist for pure extra profit.

A truck. Don’t have a truck? Rent one for $19.95 a day.

A $30 moving dolly and ramp. You can rent these too.

A professional looking craigslist ad. We provide you with a sharp, professional looking ad that you can post to the top of Craigslist Services every morning.

A strong work ethic. Though the money is GREAT, this business is for people willing to work hard for it.

We show you the rules. There are some items you simply cannot transport to the landfill. Other items must be recycled. We educate you on these "problem" items so you don’t get slapped with a big fine.

Pricing. You should be charging per cubic yard. Not all jobs are the same…some junk and debris is stored in cramped ba ts and attics, while other items are simply hauled out of the garage. We give you pricing guides based on current junk hauling rates.

Extra Income Opportunities. There are opportunities beyond Craigslist. Certain businesses require hauling services regularly all year round. We show you how to find them and secure their business.

Our Craigslist Ad. Most junk haulers on Craigslist have unprofessional looking ads. You’ve seen them: poor grammar and spelling, no color, and no pictures. Your professionally designed ad will get more calls and more emails because you put forth a trustworthy image. More importantly, we show you how to post the ad to the top of the list every morning and stay visible all day every day.

Advertising How to maximize your Craiglist leads. Where to find businesses that need hauling services consistently all year and how to secure their business.

Pricing. How to estimate hauling jobs on the phone without shooting yourself in the foot!

Customer Service. The 5 things you must do on every job to ensure that you will get repeat business and referrals.

How to Minimize Your Landfill Fees. Don’t go straight to the landfill! Many items can be donated to charity or even sold for a profit.

The 15 Most Common Hauling Jobs and How to Price Them. Not all hauling jobs are equal! Some take twice as long to fill your truck. Others involve extra fees (office equipment, computers, etc.). We give you tips on how to approach each unique hauling request.

The 5 Hazardous Items You Cannot Legally Haul for Your Customers. There are 5 items that most counties will not allow junk handlers to transport. Learn about them before you make a mistake.

"The Definitive Guide to Starting a Junk Hauling Business on Craigslist." This ebook, which you will download immediately and read on your computer, contains step-by-step instructions on how to get your junk removal business launched within 24 hours.

"The Junk Hauler’s Guide to Dominating Craigslist." Includes a professionally designed Craigslist ad (see above). Just change the company name and phone number. We provide step by step instructions showing you how to post this professionally to the top of your city’s Craigslist every morning and stand out among the compe ion. Download this ebook immediately after checkout!

Our Guarantee of Success. If you buy this startup guide and cannot launch a successful junk hauling business, or feel that for any reason it is not worth the $25 you paid, simply email us within 60 days requesting a refund and we’ll issue that refund immediately.

"I bought a trailer off a local cl ified ad and have been doing junk removal. It is truly an awesome business and I wish I started… Go to store

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Feng Shui Career Tips E-book

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Feng Shui Career Tips E-book

Do you want to super-charge your career? Get that promotion, get that raise, secure your position within your company, or find your dream job? Power Your Career With Feng Shui is designed to do all of this and more.

Be an affiliate and sell this book from your site! Co-written by a financial yst and feng shui expert, this book contains everything you need to know to transform your home and work environments into beautiful, positive energy spaces that feed your career and prosperity furnace, lighting them up to bring you opportunities and success beyond your dreams.

And speaking of dreams, Jim Reyes, co-author, woke from a dream knowing he had to write this book! Seeing the economy slip all around him, people losing their jobs, families losing their homes, and knowing he had the tools at his dispoal to help, spurred him into action. As a financial yst, when he first heard of feng shui many years ago, he was skeptical. But after seeing feng shui work time and again to manifest his career aspirations and bring him opportunity after opportunity, and seeing the same results for friends and clients, he is a believer.

The information in this book is an indepth exploration of what Anezka, in her feng shui consulting practice, would charge approimately $300 for in an onsite visit. Friends told them they should charge a lot more, but Anezka and Jim want to get the information out to as many people as possible. That’s why they wouldn’t let the publisher sell it for even $47, the initial price the publisher suggested for this book.

Power Your Career with Feng Shui is available for only $27, and it can be delivered to your computer immediately via an online link to the .pdf. One suggestion in Chapter 3 will help you more than recoup the cost of the book alone. There are many, many practical and useful Feng Shui career tips included, based on wisdom that has been in use in the East for centuries. In fact, most Chinese corporations wouldn’t dream of building, remodeling or decorating their offices without bringing in a feng shui consultant.

Reminder: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer in order to read .pdf files, including this e-book. If you don’t have it (most computers do), you can download a free copy at Adobe’s Web site: Go to store

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