Property Tax Consulting Business

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Property Tax Consulting Business

Lower a Client’s Property Taxes? You’ll be well rewarded setting the record straight, plus discover a goldmine of a business.

Our mission is to empower homeowners and to position commercial businesses in a position to correct egregious overpayments. We persuade clients to not over-pay & pay the minimum property tax essment. Everyone deserves near-certainty guidance and the means to sidestep overpayment and set the record straight.

This is a rare, under-the-radar business small business consultancy opportunity that sorely lacks prac ioners. Earn big profits. Clients are easy to find, there is virtually NO compe ion, it is an ever-green unique business that helps others shave-off money from their tax bill and get the over- essed property tax reduction and breaks deserved.

Evaluate the Residential and Commercial Property Tax Reduction Business and Earn Contingency Fees with Your First Client

A growing numbers of homeowners doubt the accuracy of their essments (with good cause) and, with little prompting, desire to appeal their property taxes!

Compe ion is virtually nil; there are more potential customers than you could possibly handle. A 5-figure monthly income potential. You earn a contingency fee as a result of the homeowner reducing his/hers/their property tax

Earn as Your LEARN Approach: Earning immediately by beginning your first client’s property tax appeal while taking the course.

See how, within 30-miles of your residence, there are virtually unlimited clients hungering for property tax-relief advice from a consulting business. (Most property owners who have a case don’t know it.)

Property Tax Consulting: It’s not that complicated to learn. It can be worked as a work from home business. Fifth grade math (addition, subtraction, a little multiplying and division), sixth grade English skills. The logic speaks for itself. Have a field day with ordinary people and businessmen need to get the tax breaks they deserve.

Essential business activities involve reviewing public information in order to: 1) Look for errors in property record cards. 2) Checking out similar properties. 3) Reconcile the difference.

With 50% of homes having glaring property essment errors, honing in on good candidates for high-percentage, high dollar amount wins is surprisingly simple. It’s a whole new ball game. You rectify a tax injustice and give the customer the property tax break they deserve. In turn, you are rewarded out of that tax reduction by way of a contingency fee.

The National Taxpayers Union writes that as many as 60% of all homeowners are over- essed and not in line with their home value. ("How To Fight Property Taxes" 2004 p.1)

Consumer Reports has published that property tax records show an error rate of 40% exists in estimating property taxes. (Nov.1992 v57 nil p.723)

People reluctantly shell out over $1,000′s of dollars for attorneys and professional property tax appraisers to represent them to appeal their properties with no guarantee of success or winning. A property tax consultant is a life saver that costs a client nothing to ess their options.

Fees are charged on a contingency basis, which means, if you lose the case, the client risks nothing. Since there is no risk to the client or homeowner, getting clients is mind-blowing simple and one could even charge an up-front consultation fee if wanted. Many do.

Basically, the real estate appraisal system is rife with errors. Valuations are constantly in flux and the tax essors office rarely does personal valuation visits. They leave it to others, and this is just the tip of the iceberg for this door of opportunity.

When a valuation for an jurisdiction is required, the town sets out on a public bid and generally the lowest bidding property valuation broker wins. You can bet your bottom dollar that the broker who won the bid needs to make a profit. Little time and money is allocated on a per unit basis and a raw crew doing the work has time restraints. Errors are rampant, and therefore, there exists a need for winning appeals on the over- essment errors.

Helping homeowners as well as commercial accounts lower their property tax is a legitimate business that generates an above average financial reward. Average appeal reductions (to a property) achieved with appeal are in the 20 to 25% range.

Newcomers should win at least 75% or more of their appeals (if they are mistake prone) and after 2, 3, 4 appeals rapidly progress to a 90 – 95% winning average. We’ll explain more in the report.

In this day and age, those who can use some extra income, can work this as a work from home based business.

Since there is no free lunch, it can be worked in conjunction with another income stream such as the mortgage brokerage trade, real estate, insurance and similar consulting industries. Work… Go to store

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Healthy For Life University – Turn-Key Preventative Health Education

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Healthy For Life University - Turn-Key Preventative Health Education

Without good health, it is nearly impossible to achieve your goals. Good news! Your body was created to be well and to heal itself!

The key to prevention is to learn how to live today before our daily behaviors and choices cause us disease tomorrow.

Healthy for Life University teaches the keys to preventing and reversing costly health problems for good. Get started today!

Healthy for Life University is a foundational, complete lifestyle and health education course. Healthy for Life University is specifically designed to help you develop a step-by-step lifestyle plan to accomplish everything you want in your health. This course will help everyone, no matter where you are in your health, to reduce your dependency on medications and take control of your health.

This course has 12 lessons that are designed to be completed over a 12-week period. The lessons are available to listen to or watch online, or download to your iPod!

Course Workbook Beautiful, full-color guide that walks you through the steps to becoming healthy for life.

Premium Online Membership Online access to lesson video and audio library for all 12 lessons, Q&A footage and comprehensive recipe database.

Lesson 1 — The Awakening Learn important, awe-inspiring facts about the complex and wildly intelligent human body. Your knowledge of these scientific discoveries will change the way you think about the body and have created countless "ah-hah moments" for individuals and families we have worked with in the past. This lesson will blow your mind!

Lesson 2 — Nutrition And You After experiencing this lesson you will become an expert on the foundation of nutrition and your physiology: Macronutrients. The principles taught here will help you understand nutrition with a clarity that you have never experienced before and help you understand why some of the most commonly held popular beliefs have produced such poor results for millions of people.

Lesson 3 — Shop Till you Drop If you want to achieve your desired health outcomes in the long-term, you must know how to find the most nutritious foods for yourself and your family. Food sourcing has quickly become the most important conversation in nutrition today (trust us) and the tools that we provide you here have helped many people just like you improve their health and vitality in ways they never dreamed possible.

Lesson 4 — Prepared and Dangerous Meal planning is where the vast majority of us feel like we fail. Not being prepared and comfortable with our meal planning will be the end of any health progress we desire. In this section, we will give you precise application tools and secrets that we have gathered over many years of personal and professional application. Once you experience this lesson, you will have everything you need to design your life-long meal planning process.

Lesson 5 — Top Chef One of the greatest challenges you might face when changing lifestyle habits is the preparation of whole foods. Many of us lack the experience and skills that make whole foods easy and efficient. Here we will provide you with application tools and insights that will help you master the whole food process and become increasingly comfortable and efficient with cooking, planning ahead, eating out—and saving money.

Lesson 6 — Smart Supplementation With all of the options and information on supplements it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you need supplements, where do you look to find what you need and what cons utes quality and value? This section will cover each and every piece of the puzzle regarding your potential use of supplements, which nutrients are actually needed for your health and how to find the best quality supplements to ensure they will work.

Lesson 7 — Your Environment Until recently, the concept of "the health of our environment" was not something that we covered when teaching clients and patients about maximizing health. After much research and application, we have found that paying attention and making simple changes to your surroundings will make an incredible impact in your health progress and prevention. What you learn in this lesson will surprise you and open your eyes to many things you never knew where potentially influencing how you look and feel.

Lesson 8 — Movement We all have differing ideas of what cl ifies as exercise, but if you are like us, you have tried a lot of different types and still may not have found something that you like and is providing the results you want. In Movement, we explain many of the myths surrounding our commercialized ideas of exercise and teach you how to identify the right type of movement for your personal goals and fitness level. We will also explain physical pain, what to do about it and maximum mobility as a life-long goal.

Lesson… Go to store

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Stop Procrastinating – A 21-Day Program to Break the Habit

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Stop Procrastinating - A 21-Day Program to Break the Habit

If you are constantly putting things off… if your career or schoolwork is suffering… and if you feel like you are not living up to your full potential… Then take 5 minutes — RIGHT NOW — to read this page!

You are about to discover a ground-breaking self-help program specifically designed to undo years and years of bad habits in less than a month.

If you’re the kind of person who puts things off and needs to find a way to get things done, then take 5 minutes to read this page and discover how hundreds of people just like you have permanently overcome their habit of procrastination by taking our 21-Day Procrastination Challenge™.

Just take a look at what a few former procrastinators have said about the 21-Day Procrastination Challenge™ (or scroll down to learn more about the program.)

Your information is breathtaking. It had such an impact on me yesterday that I was almost compelled (suddenly) to finish things that I had started to do – there and then. I also realized that as a mother of three children, I have a responsibility to teach them what I learn through your course, by practicing it myself. It’s xciting to experience that I’m not allowed to do more than a few minutes every day. Feels good that there are some strict frames. Thank you again

I just wanted to tell you that this program was very useful for me. I started it in early January as part of my new years resolutions and by the time I was finished I felt I had made lots of changes in my life.

From what I’ve seen [Procrastination Pro] is probably the most innovative procrastination product on the market today. I commend you on your creativity for putting this together for people like me.”

You too can become one of hundreds who have productive, confident people by permanently overcoming your habit of procrastination!

Note: This program was created to walk you through the steps necessary to break free from the shackles of procrastination and skyrocket your accomplishments to levels you never thought possible.

This page contains a lot of information, so I’ll summarize this quickly for you and tell you in simple terms what this procrastination-busting program will do for you. You will…

Uncover The Reasons why you are a Procrastinator… Most people procrastinate for one or two simple reasons. Knowing what’s causing you to procrastinate is the important first step to solving the problem.

Peel Away the Layers of Your Bad Habit to Obliterate it Once and For All! Let me be clear: Procrastination is a bad habit. Just like smoking, biting your nails, eating junk food, or anything else. Procrastinators are made, not born. And the habit can be broken just like any other.

Walk You Through The Steps required to change your destructive bad habits with new productive, healthy ones! This isn’t just "theory" – these are specific To Do’s.

Overcome Crippling Self-Doubt. Learn how to stomp the destructive thought processes that have always sabotaged your success.

Make Stress a Thing of the Past by never allowing your responsibilities to dominate your mind and tie you up in a knot of worries or fears.

Literally Change Your Life! I know that’s a bold statement but I say it with confidence. Learning how to set goals and achieve them will literally make you a totally new person in a very short period of time.

Allow me to introduce you to the most powerful procrastination-busting system you’re ever going to find. It’s called Procrastination Pro™: The 21-day System to Stop Procrastinating and it’s available to you exclusively from this website.

Before we discuss the specifics of the 21-day program, I want to tell you the single most powerful advantage this program has over anything else you’re going to find on the subject…

All the other programs you’re going to find on procrastination are much too complicated. Most contain only theory and have no actionable steps.

In order to truly conquer the habit of procrastination and skyrocket your productivity, what you need is a step-by-step program that’s easy to follow and shows you exactly what to do to change your habits!

Let’s face it… these kinds of "solutions" will bore you to death and in the end your habits won’t change at all.

That’s right… Planning is NOT the key to stop procrastinating. Telling a procrastinator to buy a weekly planner is like telling someone who suffers from a fear of flying to just "not worry" as you board an airplane.

I’m sure you’ll agree there’s a big difference between "planning" on doing something and actually getting it done.

The problem is that 98% of people THINK they’re on the right path to getting-it… Go to store

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Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast. How to Get Rid of Your Mortgage in Under 5 Years. (The eBook)

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Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast. How to Get Rid of Your Mortgage in Under 5 Years. (The eBook)

The trouble with a mortgage is that sinking uneasy feeling you get when you know you can afford it as long as nothing goes wrong. Your knowledge that you have to make that payment each week never quite goes away. The mortgage payment seems like an acquaintance in the house. You have to feed it and look after it, but you aren’t really all that close. If you want to do something as a family, you always say, "but what about the mortgage". It makes you feel like giving it a name. You know, something like, Lucius. "We could go fishing at the coast this Christmas, but what about Lucius?". Yeah, that works. Seriously though, your mortgage payment is vitally important, because without it, you may not have your home. Here’s the thing, though If you can’t pay it, you could lose your home, but if you can pay it, often your life choices are restricted. Now, we probably shouldn’t whinge about it too much because the mortgage bought the house for us, but… wouldn’t it be nice if the mortgage was gone? So. Is it possible to get rid of the home loan entirely? Well, we did. But a lot of people don’t. I reckon it’s often because they don’t know how. Don’t get me wrong. It can take a significant effort to get rid of your home loan REALLY fast. Not everybody wants the loan gone enough to make that effort. BUT… If you are up for the effort, you need to know HOW. So let’s ume you know how, AND you’re up for the effort, required. Can you realistically expect to get rid of that debt in just a few years? Yes! If you had no home loan and you needed to move for a better job, you don’t have to worry about paying the mortgage. If one of you wants to take some time off to bring up a family, ..NO MORTGAGE. A trip around the world for a year. Rent the house, there’s NO MORTGAGE, so you get to keep the rent money. There are a limitless number of possibilities if the mortgage is gone! After 30 years as a banker, I have seen thousands of home owners slave over their mortgage and wonder why it took so long. A few figured it out. You see, we know what works, and we did it ourselves. Even something as simple as understanding how loans work can make a difference. For instance: Did you know that to double the amount you are actually paying off your home loan, is not actually a lot of money? It works like this: Let’s say you owe 300 grand and you’re paying it off at 6% interest, on a 30 year loan. Your repayments will be around $1800 a month. At 6% interest, the interest component of that repayment is approximately $1500/month. This means that you are actually paying only about $300 per month off your mortgage. That little bit of insight probably feels like a punch in the belly. Anyway, there is some good news, and that is to double your payments, you don’t need to find another 1800 bucks each month. Just an extra 300, and that’s a lot easier to do. There are plenty of reasons why the mortgage is like a tight pair of boots that don’t really fit. They protect your feet from stones, but it is an enormous relief to take them off. The mortgage got you the house, but won’t it be nice when it’s gone? Our system is so simple. It’s not effort free, but it’s uncomplicated. The first thing we’ll ask you to do is implement some strategies to start the damn thing going down a lot faster. These strategies will normally knock a few years off your loan, and we explain why they work. Then we start on the main game, getting rid of that debt, with strategies designed to simply attack the debt. I’m glad your mortgages isn’t alive because it is in the firing line. We have included some of those initial strategies in the offer of 6 Free Tips to help you get started. These tips will help you speed up the loan and will make a difference almost immediately. Plus, to help you stay focused and get your finances working with you instead of against you, we will email you, one free personal finance coaching lesson each day for 5 days! I’m hoping that the regular email will help keep you focused for that critical few days when you start? If you think this might help then just read on and register for the 6 Free tips. OK, the real trick is to get rid of your home loan altogether. Now, that is LIFE CHANGING. Getting… Go to store

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Course Listings – – Better Project Management Training

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Course Listings - - Better Project Management Training

All of our courses are 100% online, and have no required cl room training. You can start these courses any time. We also provide corporate training options and bulk discounts, as well as customized training solutions, please contact us for more information.

We decided to flip that equation on its head! Now, we are offering our ENTIRE electronic question bank – 800 Questions in all, for only $7That is 4 tests of 200 questions each. All content is updated and based on the latest PMBOK Guide – version 5. And each is timed for 4 hours, and allows you to save your progress and come back later. Plus, you can see all the questions you got correct and wrong at the end, and take your time to review the answers. Our Quiz software was custom developed in house, and is one of a kind.Insane right? Well, we don’t think.

We want to offer our members all the tools they need to p the exam. And we know that once you see our questions, you will be even more excited about our awesome courses content!

Sign-up Now! Only $1997 for lifetime access to the course and 8 weeks of Group Coaching and WebinarsClick Here to Get Started Now! Go to store

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Download Plans to Make or build a marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, metalophone

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Download Plans to Make or build a marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, metalophone

You are looking for a serious concert instrument, not a toy, but you simply can’t afford a commercial instrument

You are a percussion student or a parent of a percussion student, and you are looking for an inexpensive practice instrument for the home

You are looking for a really fun project to build which will be a real talking pont and source of joy for years to come.

Are looking for an inexpensive way to get Instruments for Schools for cl room percussion ensembles

You are you looking for an instrument that will suit a student right through their high school years, even for music exams

because after all… they are just planks of wood siting on a frame, with resonating tubes to amplify the sound.

And of course if you are after a fully professional Five Octave Marimba then be prepared to fork over closer to $20, 000!!

Furthermore, even for a small box resonated xylophone you can pay upwards of $400 for a good quality instrument.. and schools need to buy full cl sets of them…

I’ve also built many other instruments in my time, from small xylophones to ultra large B Marimbas. What I’ve done is refined my building processes into step by step building guides for five instruments, The Simple Glockenspiel, The Box Xylophone, the Two Octave Mini Marimba, Three Octave Concert Marimba, the Three Octave Concert Vibraphone and more recently, the Pro Five Octave Concert Marimba

Concert quality marimbas are usually made from Honduras Rosewood or African padouk, and obviously the better wood you have access to the better instrument you’ll be able to make. However you can make these instruments from just about any hardwood (eg, Durian or Meranti).

Absolutely not! I’m not a carpenter – I’m a musician. Most of the skills required are fairly basic woodwork – measuring, cutting and sanding.

Even if you’ve hardly ever picked up a hammer or a saw in your life I’m confident that you’ll be able to achieve a workable instrument using these plans. Of course I’ve picked up a few clues over my time designing and building instruments, but I’ve put all the important construction tips in the package for you.

Obviously the better your tuning, the better yoiur instrument will sound. It IS possible to tune a marimba purely by ear, but at least a basic electronic tuner is highly recommended. Any chromatic tuner will do the job, and you can get a really basic electronic tuner from any music store for around $50, or simply borrow one from a friend to get the job done! These tuners are incredibly common – nearly all professional musicians or music teachers either own one or have a friend who owns one.

BUT… if you don’t have access to one, don’t worry – as I’ve included a full set of sine waves (clear and clean tones) that you can use to tune the notes by ear. If you have a musical ear it is really easy to do it this way.

If you want to make life even easier, and get a fully professional tuning result, Peterson make tuning software you can buy online for less than $100 USD – which is PERFECT. All these various options are thoroughly discussd in the building guide.

Of course if you are saving extra money by using a cheaper timber for the bars then you can’t expect them to sound like one of the traditional timbers used for marimbas. And of course the final sound will also depend on the care and precision with which you make and tune your bars. BUT… particularly with the P524 or PV guide which are designed for fully professional instrumets – ALL the information you need to make your marimba or vibraphone sound exactly like a commercial one, is supplied in your building guides.

And you can get PVC pipe at just about any hardware store, as it is usually used for drainpipes around just about any home! Of course – if you really want to use different materials for your resonators, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you. The building guide still tells you how to get the result you are after.

Absolutely not! You have instant access to the e-books and videos via download, so that you can get started immediately. The plans print out in Adobe Acrobat Reader (which nearly every computer already has installed).

Of course you see the value in getting all of these Instrument Building bluprints, so I have a special offer for you….

The mallet making e-book guide contains step by step instructions on how to make your own mallets for mallet percussion instruments.

This e-book is valued at $17.00, and the information it contains can save you hundreds of dollars in making your… Go to store

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Kit Home Owner Builder Mistakes

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Kit Home Owner Builder Mistakes

If you are reading this page, owner builder mistakes are causing you concern. As an Owner Builder, I have found building kit homes one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Today I would like to share with you what I have learnt over the years, from my experience and from other owner builders, and give you tips and strategies to fix some common kit home owner builder mistakes.

Construction mistakes are very common, even with a kit home. When building your first kit home there are many opportunities to make blunders: some small, others large. Even though building a kit home is a great choice for the builder, they are still complex projects. Fixing mistakes can be a weekly or even daily event. Avoiding them in the first place, even better.

When you first start a project there is great motivation and ideas on how to proceed, but are you secretly terrified of making some catastrophic mistake through lack of relevant information or bad advice? Kit home providers are rarely forthcoming with pro-active advice, so you won’t hear from them until you have trouble with the build and ask for help.

"Kit home owner builders can save thousands of dollars and months off the build time just by avoiding a few simple mistakes. Mistakes, however, can be fixed. Identifying those mistakes early is the key, before the build progresses, at which point major reparation will  be required."

"Kit homes are designed for s to construct, but not everything is as straight forward as it seems. The most common owner builder mistakes revolve around construction basics and taking on a high skill task."

I’ve learnt there are many areas a new builder of kit homes can faulter, from negotiating with the kit provider to selecting house foundations. So, to help other owner builders avoid and fix construction mistakes before they become costly time killers, I have written this book.

This is an instructive read that provides insights, logical ideas, and practical tips that clear the way to an enjoyable building experience.

This free eBook clearly explains the 5 crucial steps to the preparation of building an owner built kit home.

Presented as a series of steps that will underpin the erection of owner built kits. It provides a chronological approach to the ground work required and takes the guess work out of the sometimes complicated ‘set up’ sequence.   

This eBook was published as a four-page feature in the August-September 2013 edition of Owner Builder Magazine.

80 Self Build Suppliers is an exhaustive list of providers who specifically supply and support owner builders with kit and or prefab homes.

Verisign secured payment via Direct ClickBank Download Buy on-line with your credit card or through Pay Pal. You’ll be taken directly to Clickbank for instant download. You’ll only see one book on the order form but don’t worry, you’ll definitely get all three ebooks!

Don’t delay. Whether you are contemplating building a kit home or about to start, take advantage of this 3 book offer before you start. Go to store

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