1000 oneway text links for $19.95

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1000 oneway text links for $19.95

For Link packages up to 1 MILLION links Please Contact Us

"Hello, my name is Rich Akerson and I am the owner of www.japaneseswords4samurai.com and www.swordsoftheeast.com. We started CyberLinkPro 6 months ago. We were ranked # 14 and # 17 at Google for the keyphrase "Samurai Swords for sale".

Incredibly after only 6 months my websites are NOW RANKED # 1 and # 3 for "Samurai Swords for sale". Our monthly sales are up $6-7,000 due to the rankings increase. CyberLinkPro is absolutely fantastic!"

We offer a variety of text link services to help you obtain higher search engine rankings, link popularity and increase your Google PageRank. Our unique service allows you to instantly add your static text links to over one million content rich article web pages in over 60 different categories.

Our text link inventory includes over 100,000 articles published on thousands of different websites. The article software is built to be search engine friendly to ensure all articles (and your text links) get crawled and indexed.

Our unique software allows you to manage all of your text link purchases in real time and specify the the type of text link, the category and the even the actual page on which your text link will be displayed. You will have 3 incredible text link options to choose from!

Link popularity and link relevancy are the two primary factors in the way that most search engines determine rankings. Our service will help you by providing the opportunity to add text links across a wide variety of web pages as well as providing a way to designate the category of the web pages on which your text links will appear.

Our Incredibly Simple and Easy to use Control Panel: Even a complete computer novice will have their links in place in seconds. It’s that easy!

Hand Pick Your Links From Thousands of Websites Relevant To Your Site: Decide where to place your links using our simple and easy control panel.

Your New One Way Links Will Appear Instantly On The Websites You Choose: Your Links are added instantly and you may view the sites having your links immediately.

Select links by category, articles or keywords: Link to your website using category, articles or anchor keywords which Google Loves.

Unlimited URL, Affiliate Links: Use any number of URL or Affiliate links until you use all of your link credits.

NO pop-ups, pop-unders, fake sites etc. Our websites are All Real and Live!: Your One Way Back Links will be coming from REAL quality sites only.

All sites are high quality, pre-screened, and loaded with great content: Sites in our network have diff ip address with tons of quality content.

Oneway back links only: You are not required to link back. Get the FULL benefit of One Way linking at Google, Yahoo & MSN!

Use our Auto-setup feature! Select our Auto-setup option and we’ll place all the links for you. You do nothing at all but watch!

"I purchased 5,000 links from CyberLinkPro just 3 months ago and I have been amazed how quickly my rankings have gone up. We are up 24 spots at google and 18 places at Yahoo so far for my target phrases.

Cyberlinkpro.com links is one of the most powerful ways to gain a top search engine ranking. This is a well guarded secret that only the top internet marketers used. If you take a keyword phrase "text link ads" and link that phrase to your site thru ads, article links etc. your site will move up in the pages of all major search engines.

The object is to have more inbound text links than your compe ors without going overboard. In the old days this was done thru exchanging links with other sites. This process was very time consuming as you had to contact each webmaster and ask to trade links. Now days it takes a very powerful and complex automated linking system to beat the search engines at their own game as everything must remain hidden from the bots. Of course you could still get text links the old way by trading but your compe ion can a 1,000 links in 5 minutes as where trading would take months.

If you are after heavily sought after keyword phrases some of your compe ors may be using hundreds of thousands of backlinks to gain front page search engine results. Have you ever seen a home page that has no wording, just a few images and a sign up on and it is #1. Have you ever wonder how the heck did they get the number 1 spot? Well now you know.

Search engines count your inbound links, they give weight to one way links over link exchanges… SEO experts… Go to store

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