Intense Mind Brain Games Xmas Launch 2012

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Intense Mind Brain Games Xmas Launch 2012

We proudly introduce our newly developed brain games, designed to enhance your brainpower, boost IQ, logical abilities, memory, math, creativity, numeracy, grammar and spatial ability! These games are scientifically designed using the latest neuroscience research and help to deliver powerful mind-bending workouts for cognitive growth. These games are for use but can also be used by agers and children to help their education. All games are downloadable online and can be played on your computer. Whether you want to improve learning powers, logic, creativity or any other mental function, we have something specifically for you. You can click on the images below to get more detailed information on each brain game:

Brain Jungle is a highly addictive working memory and IQ training game that improves fluid intelligence. This is the basis for raw IQ improvements and this game brings it to the next level with simple, precise operations that powerfully target key processes of the mind. You’ll be surprised how difficult this actually is as it forces your mind and memory to be pushed to the limit, becoming more highly efficient and focused than ever before! The objective is to spot the differences between the animals at each stage of the jungle, operating at high speed. This also involves using your eye co-ordination, ability to recall facts that appear quickly and of course, focus and concentration. This game is an absolute MUST-HAVE!

Brain Rotation is designed to work the spatial abilities of your brain, whilst also improving concentration, ytical rigour, the identification modules of your brain and problem solving skills. The game uses carefully designed shapes, which look alike but have a subtle difference between them. Your objective is to select the shape which matches the instrument presented. The game is high speed and you need to select quickly and accurately using the powers of your spatial reasoning and visualisation skills. You will feel your head beginning to ache as the game goes on, as it pushes your spatial power to the limit! An absolute MUST-HAVE!

Math Logic Flow was designed to improve your logical abilities by using the power of numbers, and doing logical operations on the inverse of the answer at high speed. This seriously helps to improve all your logical abilities as you constantly battle to compute a logical argument from the deceptively simple math sums. Your brain will begin to ache as the workout beings to re-wire your neuron and glial cells to greater efficiency and power! For example, we have colored numbers which means you add or subtract 1 from the number shown. Then you need to select if the answer is "not" even or "not odd", forcing your mind to compute the inverse, prioritise and fine-tune its thinking all at the same time, and become dramatically more robust. If you loved our previous logic games, you will love this! Even better is that it comes with multiple levels of difficulty for a true genius-level workout.

Selection Training is a powerful multi-tasking, sorting and sequencing training game where you need to select the right combination of icons which appear throughout the board at high speed. You need to select one type of icon first, followed by those of the other. This training operates on 3 levels and gets harder as you train, pushing your mind to the limit, and growing new neuron and glial cell connections in the process. As the game progresses, up to 4 icons can appear on the board meaning you need to sort and filter between these to multi-task, prioritise and continue in the game. This is a fun game that can help the whole family improve their mental abilities!

Focus Builder training is one of our creme da le creme programs and an absolute must have. This training helps to build your focus by keeping your attention on a moving ball, in this case a basketball. The ball is falling to the ground and you need to use the power of concentration, focus and a steady mouse movement to stop the ball from falling, as it is very sensitive to your mouse movements. As you continue to keep the ball alive and floating off the ground, you will feel your focus and concentration begin to improve immediately, feeling the energy flowing through your system and getting into the elusive Zone state within minutes. There are various levels of difficulty and the more you can stop the ball from falling, the greater is the workout on your concentration and focus, helping to develop a calm, clear mind where you are in control. If developing focus and piercing laser-like attention has ever been an issue for you, this will solve it once and for all – an absolute must have and a… Go to store

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