USB Pword Protect Software

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USB P word Protect Software

A friend of mine lost his USB Drive some time ago and is, to this day, absolutely beside himself with worry.

The information on his drive included sensitive customer confidential information, financial records of his current investment deals and a personal journal he’d been keeping – which was a very honest blow-by-blow record of his life.

He lost that drive over 2 years ago and the unsecured drive is still missing. Not a day goes by where he wonders if he’ll find his most private information (or that of his customers) splattered all over the internet.

So I thought there has to be a way to protect my valuable data whilst still having the convenience of an easy to use USB Flash Drive.

After countless hours of searching on the internet and speaking to computer shops, it seemed there was no proven method available of securing the information on my flash drive.

I even tried some "freeware" and "shareware" programs, but many crashed my machine and one even DESTROYED the files I was trying to protect!

Never being one to give up I spoke to more and more electronic retailers and computer shops, searching for that perfect solution.

After the 14th store owner told me to "just be careful and don’t leave your flash drive around" I decided enough was enough and I was personally going to do something about this!

It had to be simple to use, easy to run, and had to allow me to type in a "hint" for my p word that only I would know, to help me remember what p word I had used to lock the files in the first place!

It also had to run on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista, as I carry my USB Flash Drive everywhere when traveling and regularly use Internet cafe’s, Hotel computers, Customers computers and my Work and Home computers.

I also wanted to have the option of locking the folders on the computers i’m using, in the event that I wanted to leave something there to come back to another time.

I’m not perfect and have lost quite a few USB Flash Drives over the years, I’ve had one stolen from my car and another stolen from a hotel room.

I’ve even left one is a computer at internet cafe, but at least I knew the thief could not access the confidential information on these devices

This program has saved my bacon many times over and it’s now available to save yours too!..even if it’s just to ensure your current boss can’t see your updated resume and the list of the jobs you’re applying for!

Using the most advanced programming techniques, this software is designed to be loaded and run on your existing USB Flash Drive.

It’s simply amazing, the files are locked and hidden from view, so a potential thief wouldn’t even know that they existed on your device or on the computer unless they had this software – and even then, they’d need your p word to unlock it.

When you are ready to unlock them again, simply run this program, enter the p word you typed in when you locked the folder and presto! your files are unlocked and ready to use again.

If you’ve forgotten your p word, there’s a handy feature called a "hint", this is the hint you can write in at the time of locking the folders (eg if your p word is your dogs name, you might write in "dog" for the hint)

If you do nothing else to protect yourself in 2011, protect your files with this low-cost solution from SecureStix.

This software has cost thousands of dollars in development and countless man-hours of testing and improvements.

You would expect to pay over $150 US Dollars for software like this, but I originally created this for myself, then started selling it to my friends and colleagues and after much persuasion from my friends i’ve opened it up to allow you to use as well and you can get it now for the on-line price of just $150 $27 US Dollars. Go to store

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