Autism Parent Survival Guide book

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Autism Parent Survival Guide book

We are Omar and Judy Ramos and we are the parents of a child with autism. We were stunned when our son was diagnosed with autism in 2003, just as he turned three years old. We were given the name of a doctor but after that we navigated the autism world without a guide.

After many years of therapies, schools, care givers, and family gatherings that have been both successes and failures, we decided to write this book to provide parents with the survival guide we wish we had when we began our autism journey.

There are many books and resources available, but we have not found one that includes information about therapies and advice on enrolling your child in school and tips on how to find child care and how to travel and spend time with families so there is less stress and more fun. We are parents who wrote this book from a parent’s point of view.

We are so excited that our son’s doctor, Mary Ann Block, has endorsed our book. We did not ask any of our son’s doctors or the s for a testimonial. We didn’t want to put them in an awkward position. Dr. Block is a well respected medical author herself. It means more to us that Dr. Block read our book and felt strongly enough to let us use her name without us asking her. She knows we are trying to reach out to as many parents as possible.

"This book is a must read for any parent or grandparent with a child who has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. The explanations of each treatment and therapy give you information normally only discovered through ‘trial and error’ and many months and many dollars." Dr. Mary Ann Block, DO, PA Medical Director, The Block Center Go to store

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