Bird Watching eBook – Bob Winters and Ron Smith

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Bird Watching eBook - Bob Winters and Ron Smith

I sat with my grandson tonight (he is only 2) and looked at the birds in the book on the computer and he was mesmerized as he loves birds. No doubt he will be even more excited now that we will be able to name the birds in the garden so thank you again. I will try to remember to let you know how it goes – have 8 grandchildren for so we will give it a good workout then and let them have a little compe ion.

You never know with schools as to how they will take it up but I think it is fabulous for families. Simple and easy to use so I hope they like it too.

Bird watching is easy, costs nothing and can be done in your own back yard and in local parks. It is a low cost rewarding family activity for anytime during the day, especially early in the morning and evening when birds are active and warbling.

For busy parents under time pressure, bird watching in the back yard can involve children of all ages linking to our natural love and curiosity of nature and can keep children involved in a healthy activity.

‘Bird Watching In My Back Yard’ has been designed with 20 fun ideas and activities for people to become involved. Parents with children and grandchildren can become involved and talk about the birds that visit their back yard.

Apart from identifying some of our most common birds and developing bird watching skills, this eBook is also aimed at unleashing those creative children’s skills of drawing, painting and writing that will immortalise some great and permanent memories to share with family and friends.

Whilst Bob Winters and I have created this eBook, its real worth will be when parents, grandparents and children actively engage with its thoughts and ideas to create pleasure and fun to share.

But we urge you to print it out and cut it up utilising the pictures and words to stimulate creative activity around poetry, story telling about visiting birds or making up posters or scrapbooks to display on the fridge door or in children’s rooms.

There is nothing like some orginal art work or creative writing that can be shared with parents or grandparents via the iPhone or iPad to build confidence in a child.

Just imagine the fun in taking a picture of a bird spotted in the back yard, being able to add its name and information on its activity from your ‘Bird Watching My Back Yard’ book and send it off to family and friends.

This activity will place the enjoyment of nature and bird watching on your family agenda with positive and meaningful exchange of information between generations, providing an opportunity for parents and grandparents to talk about their own memories and experiences.

‘Bird Watching In My Back Yard’ is also the perfect gift for any international visitor to Australia, or families migrating to Australia, as it provides an instant engagement with the unique birdlife in Australian back yards. Go to store

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