Krav Maga In No Time

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Krav Maga In No Time

From Guy Dar: Israeli Krav Maga master and the founder of full contact Krav Maga. When an un-trained person is attacked, they feel fear and confusion. They are paralyzed and don’t know what to do. There is a way to prevent this fear and it is not merely by learning self defense. Using the methods explained below will enable you to end the fight in seconds and get out unharmed. Learning self-defense can save your life; there is no question about it. I’m sure that there is no need to convince you about the effectiveness of Krav Maga. Krav Maga is in use by elite units such as the CIA, FBI and the Israeli army. Its uniqueness is in its ability to end a fight in seconds. It’s based upon the natural moves of the human body, thus it is easy to learn and remember. Unlike other martial arts methods such as Judo or Karate, Krav Maga is not a sport and there aren’t compe ions. Krav Maga is strictly designed for self-defense in real street fighting. When there is a fight, you need to end it in seconds. Your major problem is to not hesitate. The solution to hesitation is to know how to respond automatically to the attack you may face. Learning Krav Maga by watching and practicing the techniques in the video course many times can lead you to a point where you will respond automatically towards an attack. Below is research that enforces this statement.

The next story will show you why your defense reflexes can be improved by practicing the Krav Maga In No Time home study course. Research in World War 2 has shown that hesitation in a battle caused the American soldiers not to shoot first. Astonishingly, less than 20% of the soldiers shot the enemy in World War 2. The reason was hesitation and the fear to kill. In 1947 the American army understood that they were facing a serious problem. In a short time, the training was changed in order to increase the "fire rate". Fresh recruits practiced relentlessly by shooting targets that resembled human beings that collapsed backward when shot. "This military surrounding teaches how to shoot immediately and reflectively. The sensitiveness of the soldiers became gradually dull until it became an automatic reaction", said Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman. The results were that 55% of the infantry soldiers shot first in the Korean War and 90% shot first in the Vietnam War.

The comparison to the Krav Maga In No Time video course is self-explanatory. Using Krav Maga In No Time as your home study self-defense course enables you to practice the right moves as frequently as you want. You can practice by yourself or with friends and always refer back to the video course as a benchmark for the correct moves. The crucial point is that the correct moves are available to you at any point in time to practice them as many times as you’d like. Practicing the correct moves many times will eventually cause the moves to come out automatically, exactly the same way as it caused the American soldiers to act automatically and shoot first. If you’re attacked, you’ll be able to fight back with no fear and to make the first move and hit first if needed. Practicing Krav Maga In No Time saves you time. With a busy schedule, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to participate in a self-defense cl . Having the Krav Maga In No Time home study course gives you the option to practice whenever you can, even in the middle of the night. More than that, you save the money that is charged periodically for the self-defense training in the physical cl . Having the Krav Maga In No Time video course is essential for you no matter if you are participating in a self-defense cl or not. The availability of the right moves in a video format at any time gives you the option to get back to a specific move you may have forgotten from the cl and remember it by watching it again at any time.

Uncover Krav Maga In No Time, the best street fighting self-defense that will stop any attacker in seconds!

I have 30 years of experience in Krav Maga and have worked as a top instructor for police units and security services around the world. I have trained many civilian men, women and children as well.

Now you too can learn the exact same moves that are taught in my own cl es. You will see in this special video course that I am not only going to show you the right moves, but I also explain directly to you, the viewer, exactly… Go to store

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