Life Vision Mastery Program – How to Attract Your Life Vision

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Life Vision Mastery Program - How to Attract Your Life Vision

If you are not already living the life of your dreams, then it is very likely that you are putting yourself in the way.

When you focus more on your dream than your doubts, the Universe which is life-enhancing will move in support of you.

In the Life Vision Mastery Program, you will learn about identifying self-sabotaging thoughts you had been having. Find out about how to release your limiting beliefs. Finally, get to experience greater freedom to pursue your dreams. Become open to receiving immense support from the Universe.

The wise sage Buddha said, "The mind is everything. What you think you become." Now, anyone can dream. You can dream many possibilities. However, there is a difference between wishful thinking and visioning. Wishful thinking happens when you do nothing about your dream. On the other hand, visioning is to actively work on your true desire and turning it into reality. Visioning involves taking charge. By taking charge of your mind, you can begin to manifest what you want rather than what you do not want. Better yet, have a vision or an ideal picture to work towards and watch it unfold before you. Sounds exciting?

“ Three months ago, I felt I was at my bottom of my life and I needed some answers about my life. Coincidentally, I saw The Vision Board Mastery Workshop. It appealed to me. True enough, I enjoyed the course and I was guided to make a Vision Board easily. Subsequently, I was also given the opportunity to review the materials of the Life Vision Mastery, which is the online version.

As a step-by-step comprehensive guide, the Life Vision Mastery Program facilitates in finding clarity, connecting with authenticity and discovering the self. It offers a detailed explanation on why we need to make a vision board and about how to attract our dreams from chapter to chapter. Most importantly, I learn about being as truthful as possible to myself.

I now understand that I have to actively “work” on turning my dreams into reality. My vision board helps me to focus on what I really want in my life. With planting positive seeds of intent, I am more open minded in terms of learning new things, and seeing goodness in every people that I meet. My vision board helps me to see and feel what my heart truly needs, and also to nurture me into a better and happier person.

And so, for those who prefer to learn more about visioning from the comfort of their own home, I find the home study course a great alternative to attending the physical workshop. I recommend the Life Vision Mastery Program for greater self-awareness and as a way to achieving real success and happiness. ”

The Life Vision Course cropped up at exactly the right time for me. I’m a teacher and I had just attended a 2 day introduction to life coaching event. I’m now using the Life Vision course to see if I want to explore a career move in the area of Youth Impact Coaching.

Long term I’m seeing myself working with girls and young women to help them meet their life goals andin particular raise their confidence so they feel more empowered in their lives. I’m also thinking projects in 3rd world countries!

All this has come from thinking about using my pain and turning it into power – from your course! Also I will create a visionboard for wealth to help me raise the funds to pay for the diploma in Life Coaching. I’m a single Mum and resources are tight but that’s another belief I’m working on changing! The course is high quality and it is certainly having a deep impact on my world!”

Many people have mistaken ideas on what visioning is. To begin with, visioning is not merely about wishing for material goods. In fact, if your aim is centered solely on manifesting lots of money, you would have missed out on what it means to craft a full life for yourself.

The sacred self-discovery process, entailed in the visioning process, involves authenticity. You need to be honest about your true dreams are. You no longer blindly follow other people’s dreams. Instead, you connect with the real desire in your heart. It has to be an internal process whereby you clarify what living your vision looks like to you.

If you are hoping to lead a life that is integrated with work-life balance, put some conscious thought to it. Should you do nothing, you will just be manifesting your random thoughts. You will be living life with no purpose or direction at all. In fact, if fear is the thing that occupies your mind, you are more likely to be manifesting fear. And so… Go to store

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