The Truth About Personal Protection

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The  Truth About Personal Protection

Chip mings, Host of the Financial Fitness Show! a nationally-syndicated radio program recently interviewed Sgt. Buschena about "Kick Home Security!"

Are you absolutely positive you’ve done everything you can to prevent a burglar from breaking into your home or apartment?

If you’re not sure, "Kick Home Security!" may be the most important book you ever read!

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation one burglary occurs every 14.3 seconds.

The sad fact is many of these are preventable, had the victims only known what to do or taken some other action.

Click here to discover the specific tips, tricks and techniques in "Kick Home Security!" to turn your home into a TOUGH TARGET!

Other Crime Prevention Titles by Sgt. Mark Buschena Available at .com

Other Crime Prevention Titles by Sgt. Mark Buschena Available at .com

But your chances of avoiding and surviving a criminal encounter just got better than ever!

Your information will never be sold or disclosed to anyone. I respect your privacy and junk email with a p ion!

Over the years I have spoken to literally thousands of people in presentations on personal protection.

The other thing that became clear is that I can’t teach you everything you need to know in 45 minutes or an hour. It was going to take some other way to get the critical information to the people who desperately want it. And since I can’t physically sit you down and go over this with you personally, I’ve put my 30 years of law enforcement experience, and 18 years of crime prevention experience, into an easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to obtain, format. It’s called “THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT PERSONAL PROTECTION!”

Here are just a few of the strategies and techniques you’ll learn:

But as they say in the ginsu knife commercial… that’s not even close to all you get!

Special tips for holidays or special occasions like:

"This book is a ‘must-read’ for anyone concerned about their personal safety, home, and belongings. Whether you are wondering about safety as you travel or keeping your home secure – Mark Buschena has good, practical advice.

The information contained can be used by parents teaching their children, by young s as they leave home, or by the rest of us as we live our lives safely and securely.

As I read Mark’s book, I had a highlighter in hand and often stopped to mark a sentence, a paragraph, or a section. It is easy to read, and kept my interest from front to back.

The tips and guidelines are a combination of basic and detailed information. Mark covers airports, pickpockets, and a variety of other locations and scenarios to be aware of and protect yourself as you travel.

The book has many ideas for keeping your home safe, from the external doors, locks, windows, and alarm systems.

Protecting you as you drive and even your car itself, is covered in the book.

Defending yourself if attacked is explained very well with illustrations on defensive maneuvers.

What to do if you are attacked with a weapon and when all else fails and you are injured – Mark tells you how to minimize your injuries.

"One cannot afford to be without your book! It is OUTSTANDING!"

"Congratulations! What a great and comprehensive work! I thought it was well written with basic ‘common sense’ approaches as well as informing the public in general about things they wouldn’t normally think of. It was written in a manner that only Mark Buschena can write – haha! Knowing you as I do, I could see your personality coming through and that is a good thing! It isn’t easy to be lighthearted when discussing some of the unpleasant situations that you brought up, but you did a fine job. In my world, (insurance) you were right on the money in the advice you gave regarding insurance matters. Thank you, Mark, for sharing this with me and for having the trust in me to give you feedback. What an honor this has been! I wish you an abundance in publishing this book! I think it can really make a difference!" Julie Phillips, Moorhead, Minnesota

"I found the book to be very informative and helpful. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in personal safety and the safety of family members. Your book covered such a wide variety of safety issues. The m cript prompted me to be more aware of my surroundings when I come home at night, when I unlock my apartment door, when I get into my car. I know that there are no guarantees that someone will stay safe but at least you can do your part to lessen your chances of being a… Go to store

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