Rabbit Training Tips – How to train, care, and teach your rabbit to listen to you!

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Rabbit Training Tips - How to train, care, and teach your rabbit to listen to you!

"Finally, Simple Tips and Techniques Show You How To Become an Expert At Caring For Your Rabbit and Have A Healthy, Long Living, and Happy Bunny!"

If You Have No Clue How to Raise a Bunny, Are Unsure How to Care and Hold it, and Want Your New Pet to Live As Long As Possible, This May Be the Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read!…

When I got my first bunny I thought I had it covered…give it food, water, clean the cage weekly. Piece of cake! Sprinkle a little cuddling, playing and I’ll have myself one happy little fellow.

Not even a month after I got my rabbit, something happened. My rabbit started tilting its head…a lot. I thought this was cute at first. But a couple days later when I went outside to feed Jumper, I was shocked. He was lying there motionless.

Turns out, when your rabbit tilts its head to the side, it can be suffering from ear infection, trauma to the head, or a problem in the brain from disease. What you don’t know CAN kill your rabbit. And I always regret not knowing this sign.

The problem is that rabbits are not like other pets. They’re special and require much more care and knowledge. You can’t just buy a rabbit, put it in a cage, feed it ,and expect it to live for ten years like a dog.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what many new rabbit owners do. And I know from experience that having to dig a hole and burry your dead bunny because of improper care is…NOT FUN.

There’s a total lack of proper knowledge when it comes to rabbits. And that’s the REAL reason over 70% of pet rabbits don’t live up to their life expectancy of up to 15 years!

Did you know that the generic type of rabbit food is actually not that great for your rabbit? The best diet for your rabbit is anything BUT pellets. As a matter a fact, giving your bunny nothing but pellets can lead to obesity and a handful of other diseases.

Keeping a rabbit outdoors can actually take away years from its life. It’s cause and effect…pet owners that have their rabbit outside spend less time with them and thus, the rabbit gets less exercise. Less exercise means less healthy.

Disciplining your bunny the “usual” way is actually counterproductive. Instead of stopping w ver it was doing, your bunny will just fear you instead.

Bunnies are NOT great for kids unless you know the facts! Children love bunnies…but bunnies may not feel the same about them if they treat them just like a dog.

Rabbits have feelings. And when you don’t care for them the right way, they won’t like it. Plain and simple. As an example…many people think rabbits like being picked up and held. Do they? Absolutely not!

Unlike dogs or cats, rabbits are down low on the food chain. To other animals, your bunny is dinner. Rabbits are wired to react super quick to dangerous situations. And being held up above ground and unable to escape…is NOT what a rabbit dreams of. It leaves your rabbit feeling vulnerable and as an easy target.

As you can see…caring and training a rabbit is NOT easy. You’ve got to go at it totally differently than with any other pet.

When I had Jumper, my first bunny mentioned earlier, I had no clue what I was doing. These are some very common things I did with my little Jumper:

Rabbits don’t like ANY of the things I mentioned above. If you do anything even remotely similar to this list, continue reading…

After researching the behavior of rabbits, actually going out and observing wild rabbits, and talking to rabbit experts and trainers, I’ve come to realize that I’ve made many dumb mistakes. But you don’t have to…

Let me introduce myself…my names Frank Hazen and as you know…I had a bad first experience with rabbits. But It wasn’t over yet. Shortly after, guilty and a little bored I decided I was going to get some more rabbits but this time they were going to be the healthiest and happiest ever.

I went out and researched everything I could. I talked to pet store owners that sold rabbits, read countless books on the subject, dug deep into animal psychology of rabbits, and even met up with some professional rabbit owners that put their pets in compe ions!

I know how difficult it is to find good info on rabbit training. I also know how hard it can be to learn how to train animals. First off, you have to… Go to store

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