Healthy For Life University – Turn-Key Preventative Health Education

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Healthy For Life University - Turn-Key Preventative Health Education

Without good health, it is nearly impossible to achieve your goals. Good news! Your body was created to be well and to heal itself!

The key to prevention is to learn how to live today before our daily behaviors and choices cause us disease tomorrow.

Healthy for Life University teaches the keys to preventing and reversing costly health problems for good. Get started today!

Healthy for Life University is a foundational, complete lifestyle and health education course. Healthy for Life University is specifically designed to help you develop a step-by-step lifestyle plan to accomplish everything you want in your health. This course will help everyone, no matter where you are in your health, to reduce your dependency on medications and take control of your health.

This course has 12 lessons that are designed to be completed over a 12-week period. The lessons are available to listen to or watch online, or download to your iPod!

Course Workbook Beautiful, full-color guide that walks you through the steps to becoming healthy for life.

Premium Online Membership Online access to lesson video and audio library for all 12 lessons, Q&A footage and comprehensive recipe database.

Lesson 1 — The Awakening Learn important, awe-inspiring facts about the complex and wildly intelligent human body. Your knowledge of these scientific discoveries will change the way you think about the body and have created countless "ah-hah moments" for individuals and families we have worked with in the past. This lesson will blow your mind!

Lesson 2 — Nutrition And You After experiencing this lesson you will become an expert on the foundation of nutrition and your physiology: Macronutrients. The principles taught here will help you understand nutrition with a clarity that you have never experienced before and help you understand why some of the most commonly held popular beliefs have produced such poor results for millions of people.

Lesson 3 — Shop Till you Drop If you want to achieve your desired health outcomes in the long-term, you must know how to find the most nutritious foods for yourself and your family. Food sourcing has quickly become the most important conversation in nutrition today (trust us) and the tools that we provide you here have helped many people just like you improve their health and vitality in ways they never dreamed possible.

Lesson 4 — Prepared and Dangerous Meal planning is where the vast majority of us feel like we fail. Not being prepared and comfortable with our meal planning will be the end of any health progress we desire. In this section, we will give you precise application tools and secrets that we have gathered over many years of personal and professional application. Once you experience this lesson, you will have everything you need to design your life-long meal planning process.

Lesson 5 — Top Chef One of the greatest challenges you might face when changing lifestyle habits is the preparation of whole foods. Many of us lack the experience and skills that make whole foods easy and efficient. Here we will provide you with application tools and insights that will help you master the whole food process and become increasingly comfortable and efficient with cooking, planning ahead, eating out—and saving money.

Lesson 6 — Smart Supplementation With all of the options and information on supplements it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you need supplements, where do you look to find what you need and what cons utes quality and value? This section will cover each and every piece of the puzzle regarding your potential use of supplements, which nutrients are actually needed for your health and how to find the best quality supplements to ensure they will work.

Lesson 7 — Your Environment Until recently, the concept of "the health of our environment" was not something that we covered when teaching clients and patients about maximizing health. After much research and application, we have found that paying attention and making simple changes to your surroundings will make an incredible impact in your health progress and prevention. What you learn in this lesson will surprise you and open your eyes to many things you never knew where potentially influencing how you look and feel.

Lesson 8 — Movement We all have differing ideas of what cl ifies as exercise, but if you are like us, you have tried a lot of different types and still may not have found something that you like and is providing the results you want. In Movement, we explain many of the myths surrounding our commercialized ideas of exercise and teach you how to identify the right type of movement for your personal goals and fitness level. We will also explain physical pain, what to do about it and maximum mobility as a life-long goal.

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