Erectile Dysfunction Treatment without ED Medications

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment without ED Medications

You know that moment you keep dreading? The one where you’re minutes from an encounter and you have no idea if your erection is going to be there?

But, it’s not going to happen the way you think. Or the way you’ve been told it has to happen.

If you’re anxious about whether the info I’m sharing with you is real, or just another online ED scam…that’s actually a good thing. I want you to be cautious. I want you to question what people are telling you (and trying to sell you), who they are, what their credentials are and what their agendas are. Because, there’s a parade of online scammers and back-alley hucksters selling bogus ED “cures” (in fact, if you see the words ED and cure in the same sentence, run).

And, sadly, mega drug-companies have now taken the reigns in the push to brainwash you into believing you need pills until the day you die (a day those same drugs might play a role in).

Before you choose drugs or herbal hooey, don’t you wonder how important it might be to understand the truth about what works, what’s utter fiction…and what’s so dangerous it’s actually been implicated in more than 200 deaths worldwide.

My name is Dr. Joel Block. Over the last 30 years, I’ve successfully treated thousands of men just like you in my New York offices. Yes, my real clinical offices, where real diplomas hang on the walls. Men come to me in tears, often having flown in from around the world, terrified of what might happen the next time they’re alone with a date or even a longtime lover or spouse…and can’t get an erection. Overcome by feelings of shame, anxiety and frustration, asking…

“Is there any way for me to get a reliable erection that doesn’t involve taking pills-for-life, a parade of awkward moments, never knowing if it’s really going to work, spending tens of thousands of dollars and the risk of me dying or getting one of those 4-hour erections that the commercials say you might get with pills…the ones that can cause permanent injury?”

For all but a small subset of men who have either organic issues (like a radical prostatectomy) or more involved psychological issues, there is another way. One that will allow you to reclaim reliable erections FOR LIFE without the risk, embarr ment or cost of pills, bizarre herbal potions or permanently-inured es.

Men from all walks of life, from powerful CEOs to college students, have flown in from around the word to work with me after having failed at every other type of treatment, drugs included (yes, they don’t always work and even when they do, it’s not unusual for them to stop working without notice, until you fix the REAL problem).

I became so proficient at treating ual problems deemed by so many others “unsolvable,” I was appointed to train doctoral interns in therapy and eventually appointed an istant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry on the faculty of Einstein College of Medicine and a Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology.

You may also have seen me featured in a variety of newspapers and magazines, as well as being a guest on:

And, I have also been a psychology consultant to ABC. You may have also come across one of the many books on love relationships and uality I’ve written, including:

Also, and this is really important…I’m not affiliated with any pharmaceutical company or herbal remedy purveyor.

I have no agenda to try to sell you on a lifetime of dependence on their supposed solutions. I don’t get paid to recommend them, I don’t profit if you take them. I am completely independent, which makes it easier for me to stand up and reveal what’s really going on…

The reason I’m writing this is to share with you an option that you’re not being told about. In fact, the potion-pushers are spending billions to keep you from learning it.

Back in the 1990s, researchers at a major drug company discovered that a highly-aggressive cl of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors, which were developed to treat hypertension and angina, failed miserably, but seemed to have a side effect. They were causing erections in some men. Clinical trials were re-tooled, the FDA was put on notice, pills were approved and the pharmaceutical companies began to wage a multibillion-dollar advertising propaganda campaign in an effort to convince you to hand your life over to their pills and pay them for the rest of your life.

These drugs… Go to store

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