Containers For Homes

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Containers For  Homes

For the most up to date and comprehensive coverage available today on the methods and techniques used when modifying recycled shipping containers into homes and other structures

The CONSTRUCTURE GUIDE fully explains every aspect of the process, giving you a foundation based on the realistic necessities required to meet building codes and even acquire building permits.

Learn all the concepts behind designing and engineering for loads and load paths as they relate to both the International Residential Code and the unique engineering of the shipping container. Visit the Engineering Page for more info.

With a complete understanding of the underlying engineering concepts the designer will now be able to utilizes, rather than destroy, the inherent strength of the shipping container in their designs. Learn more on the Design Page.

The Construction Section clearly shows you the many special fabrications necessary and the required departures from traditional construction when referring to electrical wiring, plumbing, etc. The Construction page pulls it all together.

After reading the Constructure Guide you will be able to make an ysis of the strengths and weakness’s of any container home design. The designs you develop using the included CAD software will be based on sound structural and aesthetic design principals as well as construction code guidelines. You will never look at a container home sketch the same way again.

The ability to achieve, the satisfaction of accomplishment, and the anticipated time and material savings, are only possible with a complete understanding of the task, adequate preparations, and the foreknowledge to anticipate problems.

Retaining the strengths of the basic container’s characteristics, while adapting them into an attractive and livable home plan is a little more complex than a You Tube video or a video tutorial can express.

As you probably know, when it comes to design and construction work, the devil really is in the details. And there are literally hundreds of details involved in successfully adapting shipping containers for habitation.

If it involves your family’s safety and the local building department, it is NOT going to be as easy as stacking Lego.

I’m sure you would agree with me that if you are actively considering building a container home, you want to approach it from an educated perspective, and the truth is there are major potential traps and pitfalls to this construction method. To name just a few of the big ones

Perhaps its not surprising there is so little information available on these vital aspects of container house construction, Have you noticed how all the web sites quickly makes the disclaimer that these areas are "out of the scope of…." ?

The 2011 Constructure Guide is the only source that has been expanded to include an comprehensive section on the engineering and building code questions that have been raised so often over the years.

If you feel you have been spending too much time looking for useful information about container structures on the Internet, isn’t it time to let the CONSTRUCTURE GUIDE provide you all the information you have been searching for – today?

The Constructure Guide is written in layman’s terms with lots of illustrations & photos that will guide you through the engineering, design & building of a container structure. Every step is covered.

The idea of re-purposing some industrial junk into a viable living space makes sense on so many levels that the container home concept has been winning converts nationwide. Nearly everyone responds to the idea in a positive way.

But, unfortunately, even when building with shipping containers you can’t just ignore engineering and building codes. This is just one more reason you need the Constructure Guide, to show you how to navigate the "roadblocks" that those other websites just ignore.

Given today’s economic conditions, more and more people are getting serious about saving on construction costs, reducing maintenance, and keeping more equity in their pockets. So, when it is possible to build a sleek, secure, modern home with cl ic good looks for a fraction of the cost of traditional construction, people pay attention. If you are considering building your next home you have to check out the possibilities of using recycled shipping containers for construction, along with the details from the Constructure Guide.

You download the Constructure eBook straight onto your computer. Why bother with memberships and ociation auto renewals when you can own the material and print it for your use even when your are away from your computer?

With your purchase you get Instant Access to the entire package. No waiting for shipping. You get the information you want nearly instantly. Go to store

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