Face Painting Designs – How To Face Paint – Face Painting Courses

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Face Painting Designs - How To Face Paint - Face Painting Courses

Learn How To Face Paint Quickly and Easily with no experience required…even if you haven’t got a creative bone in your body!

You can start creating amazing face painting designs that are so easy to learn and understand that will allow you to get started painting amazing designs tomorrow!

If you want a fast and easy way to learn how to face paint, this may be the most important page you will ever read.

Face painting is an incredibly relaxing and fun way to spend time with your children, contribute to school functions and fund raisers.

Soon you will be a must have at all the social events in your community. Kids will be asking if you are going to be there, you better have your supplies ready!

But Beware: Once the secret gets out that you are the resident face painting expert, you are going to get phone calls for every birthday, fund raiser and social functions!

As you know, children love face painting. Take a look at any birthday and you will see that all the other fun activities have only one or two children.

Lined up in front of the face painter trying to choose between a tiger, a skeleton or a erfly to have painted on their face!

The truth is, any social event that does not have a face painter isn’t really complete. Kids LOVE face painting and the joy you see on their face is second to none. It’s truly priceless.

Unfortunately, There is not a Quality Product or any Information Available Today that Teaches You in an Easy to Understand, Step by Step Process like this product.

Before a birthday party for my second son, he slowly walked up to me with a look I’ve seen before. He wanted something and was not good at showing it. He will never make a great poker player!

As he sat in silence eating a bowl of cereal, we didn’t say a word. I starred at him, waiting to learn what new toy or video game system he was going to ask me for.

Gently I asked him if something was on his mind. After some prodding, he told me that at school, they hired a face painter for the holidays and he LOVED it. I told him that was great, it sounded like so much fun.

Then came the request, he said Mom, do you think you could do some face painting at my birthday party? I told my friends you were the best.

So like any other parent, drove him to school, came home and sat down to research information I could use to make this request happen for my son.

I spend hours per day researching face painting. It lasted days and I was forced to piece information together but it simply wasn’t adequate to actually show up and start painting.

To make a long story short, I spent hours using my three kids as testing models making a complete fool out of myself. But I was learning, slow and steady.

After getting the basics down, I started to gain confidence, then something bizarre and cute happened after Halloween. I painted my daughters face with a beautiful erfly, gave her wings and she won “Best Costume” in her sixth grade cl !

Shortly after that, I had parents calling me asking if I would make an appearance to do face painting at fund raisers and at birthday parties!

At that moment, I was so proud. And it c . I realized there were thousands of parents out there that saw the value of face painting. It’s cheap, can be used at any event and kids LOVED it!

As I look back on all the research I did, the time I spent at my local library, I realized there are some critical elements to become a great face painter:

Once you have the foundation, and the strokes you need to use, you can follow the easy step by step instructions that will have you face painting like a professional!

Once I had these 4 techniques down, I could take any instruction and create an impressive face painting design, regardless of what it was.

And all of this is captured in step by step directions so it’s impossible to make a mistake! With written instructions and crystal clear video, learning how to face paint for any event will be a breeze!

Warning: If you are looking for a challenging face painting course, this certainly isn’t it. You are just going to be able to paint professional designs with ease.

I could not find anything that was of any value online. I bought other courses that promised a lot but gave VERY little in terms of how to design specific… Go to store

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