Tarot E-Book – Real Tarot

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Tarot E-Book - Real Tarot

After reading only a few pages you are taught the secret that unlocks many of the card’s meanings. And you will be more confident about doing readings for yourself and others.

Get answers to the burning questions you have about your life: Is it a good time for you to change your job? When will your luck change for the better? When will your love life improve? If you want answers to these questions and more, this is going to be the most useful Tarot book you’ll ever read!

Hi, I’m Don McLeod, and I’d like to introduce my new e-book called, ‘Real Tarot’. It covers everything you need to know about Tarot. Discover the future about your relationships, career and finances. It has straight-forward lessons developed during 30 years of experience as a professional Tarot reader and teacher.

Testimonial “…I have always been impressed by his depth of knowledge about the Tarot and his commitment to demystifying the process of reading the cards.” ~ Linda Marson – President of Tarot Guild of Australia (2004 to 2008)

Testimonial “Don McLeod’s book ‘Real Tarot’ is an invaluable Tarot resource. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow for beginners. The new information and fresh approach will be welcomed by the experienced Tarot reader.” ~ Elizabeth Wheldrake – Tarot author, Tarot lecturer at WEA .

‘Real Tarot’ is based on all the questions people have asked me in Tarot workshops, in courses, and during Tarot readings.

. Bonus 2: You receive another Tarot e-book for FREE! ‘The Pictorial Key to the Tarot’ was written by the designer of modern Tarot cards, A. E. Waite. Learn Tarot interpretations from the creator himself.

Bonus 4: ‘Mister Tarot’s Handbook of Tarot Spreads’ e-book. This e-book contains 15 useful spreads. The spreads cover relationships, finances, and spiritual matters too. It’s fully illustrated with colour images. Case histories and example readings are given. Many of the spreads are originals that have never been published before. All of the spreads are designed with simplicity and usefulness in mind.

The MP3 recording goes for 45 minutes and it will answer many of your burning questions about Tarot.

Get your e-books Real Tarot and The Workbook and The Pictorial Key to the Tarot and 16 copies of my Tarot Training program, and my Spreads e-book, and the Rachel Pollack recording, for the total price of only $29.99 (AUD)

I know you’ll get great results after reading this book, but if for some reason you are not 100% satisfied, contact me within 7 days and I’ll refund your money.

P.S. This amazing Tarot package with its 7 bonuses is normally valued at more than $149 This is an introductory offer and these bonuses will only be available for a short time, so order now!

Testimonial “Dear Don, I have finally been able to pay attention to your book. Loved it! I was impressed by the research you have done over the years, the way you expressed yourself, and the values you espoused, in instructing beginners. I found it a very special read.” ~ Hilary Marshall (Burnside) ..

How is this book unique? In many Tarot books, the interpretations have simply been copied from other books. Because of this, mistakes creep in. I’ve researched the origin and evolution of the cards, so I know the intentions of the designers and artists. And it’s all been written in simple terms, not veiled, esoteric references that only an occultist could understand.

My first book (called ‘Practical Guide to Tarot’) sold more than 15,000 paperback copies in Australia alone. It’s now out of print and people have been asking me to write more on the subject. Now it has happened, and in a new medium that suits our modern times.

Testimonial “THANK YOU SO MUCH for your book. I really enjoy the way you write. It’s just clear and uncluttered which is perfect for me learning-wise.” ~ Amber Petty (Melbourne) .

For those who have never bought an e-book, it’s a simple process. You can download it immediately to your computer where you can save it, read it off the screen, or print it. You can start becoming a Tarot Expert in just a few minutes from now!

Testimonial “A fantastic introduction for the beginner and a clear, concise, well-structured reference guide to the cards and their meanings. As someone who does regular spreads, I can honestly say this is one of the best resources I have to hand, and I’ve been collecting Tarot books for a while now.” ~ Suzanne Hocking, Nelson, New Zealand .

Book Review for ‘Real Tarot’: Having studied the tarot for nearly 30 years, Don McLeod has written an exciting, informative, yet easy… Go to store

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