Basketball Program Special – Youth Basketball Practice Plans

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Basketball Program Special - Youth Basketball Practice Plans

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So, you’re coaching your son’s or daughter’s team this year and you’re looking forward to basketball season.  You’re hoping that your players will learn and play to the best of their abilities, parents will enjoy watching the action, and everyone will have fun. To make the most of the coaching opportunity, it makes sense to you that you need to have a plan — both an overall plan and individual plans for each practice.  You know that by just running a few drills and scrimmaging the rest of the time, your team won’t be ready. The plan needs to address:

What to coach and when?  You need to have a plan for what basketball skills should be taught at the first practice and in the early going, and what can wait until later practices.

Fundamentals.  You need to coach strategies, tactics and skills that players can carry with them to future teams — not intricate plays that future teams may not run at all.  Solid man-to-man defense, the pick-and-roll, rebounding and give-and-go are skills that teams execute at every level.

How to keep you players engaged throughout the course of a long season and at every practice.  How to balance repe ion with variety so that kids stay interested.

Preparing your team for different situations that come up in the course of a game and season.  What should players do when they face a zone press?  How to inbounds the ball from the sidelines to create a scoring opportunity?

How to make the most of the 10 minutes before each practice when you take the court.  Here’s your opportunity to get to know your players better, p on some valuable basketball knowledge, and teach some life lessons that players will carry on with them long after their days on the hardwood.

A plan will enable you to enjoy the season more fully as you won’t be panicking on practice day worrying about an agenda for the evening’s session.  Parents of players and other coaches will notice that you move through your practices with confidence. You’re prepared.  You’re organized.  It shows.   And, perhaps most importantly, your players will be the primary beneficiaries.  They’ll learn a lot, play their best ball and love basketball!   We have the solution for you.——-

This 88 page e-book includes:  pre-practice meeting agendas, practice agendas, inbounds plays, sideline plays, simple offensive plays, where to go for more ideas, fill in activities and drills, and off-season, driveway workout, and more.  See table of contents pages below.

O’Halloran’s “Never Forget They’re Kids” philosophy places an emphasis on learning, having fun and creating memorable experiences for players. The book covers important fundamental basketball topics like defensive and offensive skills, rebounding know-how, shooting technique (including the 2 most common shooting flaws for this age group and how to address them), your coaching approach on the bench and practice preparation. For young basketball players, it’s not all about X’s and O’s.  What sets this apart from other basketball coaching books are topics like: ·     30 ideas to keep kids interested in basketball — From a “Rock n’ Roll” practice to a “Slam Dunk Photo Session,” you’ll learn some proven concepts to keep your players engaged during the season.  Kids will look forward to practices as much as games. ·     A detailed explanation of how to handle your first player meeting and your first parent meeting.  A sample introductory email to parents is included. ·     An inexpensive and simple way to create a team website and how to use your camcorder to make the most of the basketball season. ·     Team nickname ideas and slogan suggestions like “There’s no traffic on the extra mile” and “Teamwork makes the Dream work.” NOTE:  Most of the concepts and strategies outlined in this book work for both boys and girls teams. ________________________________

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