Home Automation & Networking -A Complete Guide

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Home Automation & Networking -A Complete Guide

A complete eBook on how to Automate and Network your Home. Immediate access to this electronic book by a simple download.

This eBook provides a comprehensive explanation of the step-by-step process of Home Automation & Home Security Systems design. It addresses a full range of projects from simple installations such as security cams to a totally integrated Home automation system.

Learn how to choose the best Home Automation and Security equipment, from Wireless home networking to the latest Audio and Video distribution systems, Master Lighting Controls, Home Security Cams, Low Voltage temperature control systems and Total Home integration. Find out what Home Automation and Home Security systems are most important for you.

Learn how to create a wired and wireless home computer network and how to tie it into your total home automation system. Find out what’s the best wireless system and how wireless systems can save you money.

Learn about recent advances in Home Audio distribution systems and how you can choose from multiple audio sources in any room including the new Satellite radio. There are several options for remote audio controls and wiring. Also learn about unique speakers for total home audio and how they can be located.

Learn how to create a Video distribution system that allows you to select from multiple Video sources and security cams in any given room. Learn the best way to split video signals to multiple TV’s and how your home automation system can control and select video sources using color LCD touch panels or remotes from any room.

Incredible advancements in lighting control technology have been made in the past few years. Learn how to pre-program your lighting system so that a single touch of a on can dim the light levels to create a "scene" such as "dinner", "movie", or "night". Touch panels can also control remote rooms or multiple areas.

A good Home security system should include a Security Cam system. Learn about the and types of video cameras, as well as switchers, sequencers, and screen splitters. Home Security Video recording is something you may want to add and the new Hard Disk Drive Video recorders have some nice .

Planning the low voltage control systems wiring of your home for a totally integrated Home automation system is a critical part of the design. There are numerous ways to simplify wiring and minimize cutting into walls, floors and ceilings. Learn how to optimize this wiring and what parts of your system can be wireless.

There are manufacturers that have designed complete, integrated systems for home automation. These systems not only control Audio, Video, Lighting and Security Cams but add low voltage temperature control systems and the ability to control devices such as d s, garage doors, security gates, appliances, sprinkler systems, fountains etc…

Learn how to save money and find the best prices on the Internet. Links are provided throughout this eBook to some of the best web sites to choose your system and Home Automation equipment. Learn the pros and cons of Internet shopping and how to find a Custom installer near you.

In addition to this informative, money saving eBook, for a limited time only, we are currently including the following FREE BONUS: "How to Hide the Wires" This additional eGuide explains how to plan, install and hide Home Automation & Network Wiring. Learn about wiring tips and techniques, installation tools, wire types and more…. Includes a step-by-step wiring guide. – - You get it for FREE !

We are also offering a 90 day money back guarantee. We’ve made it risk free! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!

You will get immediate access to your eBook and p word which will instantly unlock your eBook, no waiting for delivery. Start learning all about Home Automation and Networking techniques right away.

To summarize: You get this comprehensive, Home Automation, Home Security systems and Networking eBook full of design techniques and ideas that will save you time and money.

After paying, please allow time to be transferred to the eBook and p word page. Table of Contents: Home Automation & Networking Go to store

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