DIY Aquaponics 4 You Made Easy -

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DIY Aquaponics 4 You Made Easy -

INCLUDED: Aquaponics System Design Plans, Manual & Video Tutorial, Routine Checklist And Our Breakthrough Simple Siphon Design

You see, I too used to get confused with the vast amounts of disjointed and confusing information and advice all over the internet claiming to be the best way on how to build and operate aquaponics systems.

In fact, when I first got started I almost gave up on the idea of building my own aquaponics system all together until I had an…

…That literally turned all of the so-called conventional aquaponics wisdom on its head! Hi, my name is Steven Fu, some of my friends call me “The Aquaponics Guy” and as an Engineer by trade combined with a pion for aquaponics I am constantly on the look-out and experimenting with better ways to build and grow with aquaponics systems. In fact…

I’ve Spent Countless Hours & Dollars Testing & Perfecting A Revolutionary Aquaponics Systems Designs

When I first discovered Aquaponics, the engineer and perfectionist inside of me drove me to purchase and study every aquaponics book I could spend my hard earned money on.

I meticulously studied every design strategy, took part religiously in forum discussions, and listened to every aquaponics “expert” who offered advice. But I was not happy with the results that I was getting.

I experimented with various aquaponics systems to fulfill my hunger for knowledge…I have even tried and tested numerous siphon designs but they are either unreliable, or just “not user friendly” to build.

My background in the Aviation industry and a Boiler Engineer paid off. Working with the “Bernoulli Principle”; the relationship between velocity and pressure exerted in a moving fluid, I came out with our new and improved siphon design.

Then, I one day a “light bulb moment” came to me….a wake-up call! You see, when I was studying for my MBA there was one VERY important thing I learned and that was…

The same is true when it comes to building an aquaponics system (And everything else in life for that matter ;) . And that’s why I have decided to teach you how to build and operate not just one but…

Three Completely Unique, Efficient And Effective Aquaponics Systems Using My Newly Discovered Siphon Design

It took me many hours, money and a lot of sweat to compile all the information, recording, testing and R&D to come out with our Aquaponics Systems Solutions – Home DIY Aquaponics package.

“I just want to say that I’m so glad I bought Steven’s diy package. The video tutorial guide literally took me by the hand in helping me build my very own aquaponics system. I now have full confidence and the knowledge to grow my own aquaponics food. Thank you Steven!”

Well, you see…I have 2 beautiful children, a wife and a family that I adore and want only the best for them. I’m sure the same is true for you too if you have a family of your own. Aquaponics is a proven system that not only grows healthy and tasty organic vegetables and fish, you can also be sure that they are safe for you and your family to consume.

It uses fish waste as fertilizer for the plants, which the plants love and in turn filters the water back to the fish keeping them happy and healthy. You see, it’s a win-win partnership for all.

You also save up to 90% of water usage compared to conventional gardening because you don’t need to water your plants. No soil is needed, no weeding is required, no soil-borne pests or diseases to worry about and your organic vegetables can grow up to 2 times faster. Isn’t that just beautiful?

Buying a ready-made aquaponics kit can cost you thousands of dollars depending on the make and size…and you still have to put it together yourself! For me, that’s just too much to pay for something I know I can build myself…and it’s easy to do!

Now you may be thinking, “But Steve, I’m not a handyman (or a man) I can’t build my own aquaponics system!” Well, I am here to tell you anyone can do it if they can operate basic tools (and I am talking basic…like sawing and drill odd hole) AND follow simple step by step instructions that even include pictures and videos!

Choice #1: Spend thousands of dollars buying a prebuilt aquaponics system (that you could easily build yourself).

Choice #2: Buy an “Aquaponics Kit” where they mively mark-up the materials you could get dirt cheap at your local hardware store and you still have to put it together. OR

Some “how to” guides either comes in too comprehensive a book… Go to store

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