Off Track Thoroughbred Help and Answers ~ an Ebook by Melody Taylor-Scott

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Off Track Thoroughbred Help and Answers ~ an Ebook by Melody Taylor-Scott

Just check out the extensive table of contents and you will quickly see what a valuable reference this Ebook will be for you.

Armed with this knowledgeable, you will be better prepared to select a good one when you go to the track.

And you can get this valuable resource for a great introductory price for all three installments if you order now!!

Act now and learn what the professionals know about selecting, bringing home, and re-training one of Americas great natural resources, the Off Track Thoroughbred Racehorse.

Part 2 of this Ebook will give you answers you need to safely bring home an ex-racer and help your horse settle into a new life at your farm or barn.

This information is based on not just one or two OTTB’s, but on the Author’s 35 plus years of experience handling and re-training a mul ude off track thoroughbreds.

There really is a lot of useful information in this Ebook. Your description of life at the race track is "right on" ! I highly recommend this resource to anyone considering an OTTB.

Part 3 of this Ebook is full of training exercises, suggestions for the right tack and bit to use, help for control and safe riding of fresh or nervous horses, and teaching the correct leads and how to get a balanced canter instead of a gallop.

Below are the race tracks running in the USA with a link to each track’s web site. This is the first place to begin the search in your area for available OTTB’s. Go to store

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