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Home Workouts

If you’re frustrated by your lack of fat loss progress, too busy with your family, career, and life to spend knocking yourself out at the gym, or if you’d finally like to lose your stubborn body fat, flatten your stomach and dramatically increase your energy levels, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Hi, my name is Susan Campbell and I am a Certified Strength and ConditioningSpecialist and Fitness & Fat Loss Expert for over 12 years. I’m not a professional copy writer but what I have to share with you is so revolutionary and so exciting – I just had to sit down and tell you about it. So please bear with me a little.

Let me start by telling you I’m a highly sought after personal trainer who coaches some of the busiest professionals and parents with crazy family schedules in and around NY’s Capital Region.

Trouble is, most of my clients are just too darned busy to get to the gym to meet with me. There just didn’t seem to be any time to get their exercise in. And even worse, between taking care of their family, running a household, and traveling for work, it’s nearly impossible to stick to their workout routine.

That’s why I decided to do something about it. I wanted to create a fast and highly effective home workout program that my clients could do at home anytime with little or no equipment. One that blasted away body fat like nothing they had ever experienced before.

Truthfully, a program like this had never been available before but I went ahead with my research and started experimenting anyway. The other trainers I know all laughed when I told them what I was up to. You should have heard them having a great time at my expense.

It didn’t take long until I discovered the secret method to burning maximal fat in minimal time at home!

I initially started doing the workouts 4 mos ago in preparation for my 20yr high school reunion. I wanted to lose a few lbs and tone up in order to look and feel good for this big event.

The results exceeded my expectations. I have gained muscle and definition that I have not seen in years. I feel better, healthier and my clothes fit again.  I tried on a pair of jeans that had been put away for about 5yrs -after my wedding-and they fit!!

I have lost about 7lbs, does not sound like a lot, but I have built muscle now that is continuing to work for me even when I am not working out. I love the fact that the exercises can all be done at home on my own and without any expense for special machines or equipment.

The reunion has come and gone (I felt great as I walked in in my little black dress!!) But what I have learned through Ultimate Home Workouts will last a lifetime…thanks Sue!!”

“I got right to work as soon as I received the workouts and I am absolutely thrilled with my results so far. I like the program because I can do everything in the privacy of my own home and all the workouts are laid out for you. There is no guessing as to what you should be doing.

I used to spend so much time at the gym jogging for 35-40 minutes on the treadmill despite not losing very much weight. With Ultimate Home Workouts I now exercise for a fraction of that time and it has paid off. The best part is that the workouts are so fast that I can fit them in almost anytime during the day.”

I began using it as a way to lose weight but I was shocked at how much stronger I am since being on the program! Also, I have muscle definition in my arms, which I NEVER thought I would see!

I have so much more confidence in my appearance since using Ultimate Home Workouts that I even started wearing sleeveless shirts in public again! It’s a small thing, but means the world to me.”

From all of my research and experimentation with the clients you read about above and myself, I’ve discovered how you can actually cut your workout time in half and burn even more fat than ever before!

Research shows that the secret to fast and highly effective fat loss workouts is to replace long, boring cardio sessions with metabolic resistance training and variable intensity cardio intervals and arrange the exercises in a circuit so there is never a wasted moment doing useless exercise.

This will allow you to burn more calories not only during your workout… Go to store

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