Ageing At Home

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Ageing At Home

Let someone who has become an Expert in this area now guide you step-by- step in this super, easy to follow e-book!

For people aged 65 and over, the majority (93%) lived in private dwellings. The likelihood of a person living in an ins utionalised setting increased with age; of those 85 and over, 34% lived in nursing homes and retirement and aged care accommodation. Source: (2003: ABS)

But I’m jumping ahead. Let me tell you how this all came about: My mum wanted to stay at home, after dad was no longer around, and I let her down, because I didn’t know how to find help for her.

I was too busy with my own work, my own life, my husband, my kids to take the time it needed. Can you identify with a busy life like this?

My name is Amanda … and after my experiences with my mum, I started working as a nurse in Aged Care. I now advise people about this on a phone information line!

I speak to people every day who are discovering that there is a lot more to keeping their parents at home than they had considered.

It’s not just falls.. Now its solutions for incontinence (wet beds) eating and drinking problems walking frames memory problems and the list seems endless. And overwhelming.

Imagine your parents in their own home – until they died peacefully at home. What would that mean to you, and to them?

It would have meant the world to my mum! And to me. This information will give you YOUR BEST CHANCE of achieving that goal.

If you are like everyone else, you don’t mind so much for yourself, but every time you have to let your parents down, it hurts even more.

You will have the peace of mind knowing that you did ALL YOU COULD, even if your parents do finally have to leave home.

My e-book contains a m ive collection of practical steps, hints and tips that I learnt from my own journey, that I am willing to share so you don’t make the same frustrating mistakes that I did.

‘Jam packed with practical and informative chapters, shortcuts to navigate the health system and a wealth of experience behind it, this booklet is a must read for anyone trying to help keep ageing parents safe at home.’

In addition, it has all the technical information I have obtained in my role working in an aged care community help-line.

Introducing a simple e-book that could make all the difference for you and your parents, to help them stay at home as long as possible.

Ageing At Home is a terrific book. Written by an insightful author with a wealth of experience in the health industry. The book is written in an easy to read format, and is a must for any family facing the important challenge of guiding their loved ones through their later years in life. It covers a vast range of areas, including legal responsibilities, choosing a GP, available community services, and provides details of other health professionals who can also ist you through this process.

It is an absolutely fantastic resource for anyone helping an older person maintain their independence within their community.

Ageing At Home is also a one stop shop for health care professionals isting their clients through the maze of various agencies & health care providers. The hyperlinks ensure it provides the very latest information for all agencies and organisations.

So there you have it, a simple e-book that could make all the difference for you and your parents to help them stay at home as long, and as safely, as possible.

I’d like to recommend this great resource to anybody else who has reached the situation where elderly parents are fighting for the chance to remain independent, and trying to stay at home, rather than needing to move into full time residential care.

When our parents reach this stage, there has not been any single point of reference where we can have our concerns answered until the release of this fantastic book.

It really helps to find a single book that not only shows us where to go in order to find the help we (and our parents) need, but also includes stories from others who have faced similar problems and found solutions.

If you have elderly parents, and wish to help them keep their independence as long as possible, then you need to buy this book!!

I don’t know about you, but I wish I had all this information at the start! My mum might still be at home…

I wondered if there were other people out there like me, who were looking for this information, and would… Go to store

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