The Salt/C Plus Protocol for Lyme Infection

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The Salt/C Plus Protocol for Lyme Infection

After several years of successful, real world application and further refinement, I am very pleased to be able to announce the release of the brand new, updated version of THE definitive reference guide for the protocol – the same one that freed me and so many others:

This latest updated text, in digital eBook form and available for immediate download, has been expanded nearly eightfold over the original guide of 2004 in terms of the exact, step-by-step "blue-print" and essential information designed to maximize this protocol.

If you or a loved one are suffering from the pernicious effects of Lyme infection, I truly believe this protocol will help you or your loved one as it did for me and so many others. Get your copy today and start your path back out of the woods and back into the sunlight again:

The brand new, updated release of The Salt/C Plus Protocol for Lyme Infection manual in eBook form is available for immediate download for $29.95

"I wanted to report on my son. He is 6. Been on [the protocol]…Is doing very well. He was one of those kids that looked a little autistic until I found the Lyme I gave him in utero…He has been on diets, supps, antifungals, and [the protocol]….chelation on and off. Have seen slow and steady improvements all along. Now, he looks typical. He is vibrant and healthy. He has friends. He is happy. We don’t need the speech, OT, and PT we had been getting over 12 hours per week anymore. Lots to celebrate." – C.W., United States

"I have Lyme 29 years, misdiagnosed 22 years here in Australia. Five ‘top’ neurologists could find nothing wrong with me. One doc thought I had MS, but my MRI was OK. I ended up in a wheelchair sometimes and using a walking frame for years because of my severe neurological symptoms. I went to counseling but it did not change the fact that I was having trouble sitting up, walking, seeing, etc. I found I had Lyme thanks to much prayer and the internet. The [protocol] has brought tremendous improvements in my health and I am finally doing things I couldn’t do for decades. I am walking miles, have recently traveled to Canada, Hawaii and the USA, been camping in a 2-man tent, shopping without help (yahooo!), driving my car and more recently driving a manual van! I never thought I would be able to cope with that. Prior to [the protocol] I believe I was dying. I was mostly housebound and was having nasty falls, due to severe vertigo. Hang in there…[the protocol] works and it is all worth it." – R.T., Australia

"As always: for those that don’t know me, I preface my report with the fact that I’ve had lyme disease for 37 years…Today I’m still tired, but am almost back to normal…and tomorrow I plan to go to the gym!!! As briar patches go, it was incredibly potent and incredibly brief. So that was the good news. Now the GREAT news. It is the most significant news for me for the ENTIRE protocol: I have been experiencing windows of ENERGY over these last few weeks. This is without diet change or supplements. The fact that I am experiencing these for the first time in my life is an amazing feeling. At first I thought I was imagining them. But it has happened a couple of times where I wasn’t able to just remained seated & had to get up and DO something. It even happened early on in the herx!!! Such a totally foreign feeling!!! Lastly, an infected cyst I had on my back is completely healed (weeks ago). And now there is no longer a cyst there!!! – P.R., Australia

The statements by others on this site are examples of reports continuously received. These are given as anecdotal reports for informational purposes only. The protocol has not been subject to evaluation by the FDA and is considered a research protocol only. One must always consult with his or her appropriate healthcare provider wherever there is a question of illness, diagnosis and treatment. Go to store

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