Pipe Bender Project – Professional Bender Made Easy

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Pipe Bender Project - Professional Bender Made Easy

Whether you’re a student that needs an idea for a senior design project, or a company who would like to build a low cost professional bender, this package will show every step. Everything from conceptual designs, sourcing all the materials, to building your own tubing bender.

Included in this project is a huge 75.7mb file of greatly detailed plans with step-by-step pictures and some additional information I learned from my experience building this tubing bender. As a mechanical engineering student at Cornell University, I earned an “A+” for this tubing bender senior applications project.

I build a tubing bender that bends 1.25" pipe in this report, but you can use any size die for this project, everything from 1" to 2.5" can be used with the bender design.

Most tubing benders cost upwards of $500, and an additional 75$ to ship! This project cost me less than $70 to build. (the price can be even lower if you have access to some scrap metal). The most expensive part in tubing benders are the two dies that do the bending (80% total cost). I have discovered a way to make low-cost dies with plate steel and some off the shelf parts.

Large detailed pictures of my project, describing step by step, so you can build your own with confidence.

Access to the same vender i use to plasma cut parts from my DXF files, (not needed but could be useful). Go to store

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