Vintage and Antique Quilt patterns

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Vintage and Antique Quilt patterns

We have just added FIVE more patterns for a total of 206 patterns that are really valuable to quilting enthusiasts – whether novice or expert. It’s a digital replica of the famous cl ic full size 8” x 10” quilting book en led:

With your eBook, you don’t have to worry about damaging or losing the various pieces of your patterns as you repeatedly make tracings onto fabric, just print the pattern and instructions you need.

“Thank you so very much and I cant wait till I can start a new quilt from this book. Never before have I seen such a great one like this. Thanks again.” Betty

“WOW what a great e-book and idea. I have started printing out some of it, everything is going smoothly… Once again a big Thank You.” – Liz“

“I really like the book and the patterns. I had never done anything like this before (download) but it was not a bad experience and it was so quick and easy. No waiting for the mail man to deliver it weeks later” – Bonnie

Whether you are a novice or an accomplished, experienced quilter, this wonderful book will give you everything you need to know in order to make over two hundred quilts from the designs of quilts made by actual American pioneer women!

You will be able to add a special value to the each quilt that you make, because you will be able to tell the story of the original quilt in American history, which Ruby provides.

Here is an excerpt from Mrs. McKim’s introduction, which eloquently explained her philosophy about quilting:

“…To salvage beauty and usefulness from coarse waste materials was the everyday accomplishment of our pioneer mothers who hooked rugs and pieced quilts and the story of their wanderings, their few original possessions, their ac ulations, the friendships formed, their abiding faith and the home established, is the story of patchwork quilts.

“…Study the names of patterns and again you will know they were so christened by young ladies of imagination, sometimes devout, sometimes droll but always kindled by that divine spark of originality.

“…a hundred or so of them are contained in our pages, but we have found bits of interesting history about these and drafted patterns from which you can copy them. We have estimated the yardage, suggested ways of setting blocks together into tops and planned suitable quilting designs.

“…During years of experience there have been questions come to us concerning every phase of quilt making. We have tried to answer them all in this book, to tell you every practical, helpful angle in the game of quilt making.”.

Mrs. McKim’s charming, well-illustrated book brings together historical research, a treasury of over one hundred authentic early American quilting designs, a wealth of practical methods, and a satisfying helping of nostalgia. You will not want your craft library to be without it!

Here is a comprehensive list of instructional topics – the “how to” of this valuable book:

We are including – as an absolutely FREE BONUS – “The Bird Life Quilt,” a series of 24 beautiful patchwork patterns which was pictured and advertised on page 111 of the original edition of One Hundred and One Patchwork Patterns, 19 vintage patterns by Eveline Foland. 11 more vintage quilt patterns and now, a new bonus – 48 state flowers from McKim Studios!.

One Hundred and One Patchwork Patterns + 54 + 48 more vintage quilt patterns is available to you as an eBook in Adobe Acrobat format.

“When I came home from work we loaded it into the computer and I have printed 2 patterns and have spent a happy evening sewing….what fun. When I have more time I will go thru and read it all !! Thankyou.” – Robyn

“What Is An ‘eBook’ And Why Would I Want One Instead Of A Hard Copy Of The Book?”

An “eBook” is a book which is a replica of the original work in a computer file which you can read on the computer, print all or parts of the book and search for words or phrases. For example, this eBook is an actual “digital” replica of Ruby Short McKim’s original 1931 edition of One Hundred and One Patchwork Patterns.

But don’t worry, downloading the book is a snap. It works perfectly using either a PC or a MAC computer.

I know the these patterns are valuable and the instructions are thorough. That’s why you can see for yourself and try everything entirely at my risk.

Just get it and try it out. If you are dissatisfied in any way, you have nothing to worry about because you can get all of your money back under our no-loopholes 56 day guarantee. No questions asked, no hard feelings. Go to store

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