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Included are the initial product planning, business planning, niche markets, Choosing the correct craft markets or trade shows for your product, m ive tips and tricks in the actual marketing, how to split for multiple income streams, knowing how to go online and a whole lot more.

Unfortunately a m ive amount of craft marketers learn very bad habits from experienced marketers who learned the same bad habits from others.

In this page here where I show you what I have included in this course, I try my best to just explain what I include in the course and what your benefit from the course will be as I like to believe that what I have done needs not to be “sold” to you.

Originally this course was only full of magic advice for work from home businesses and how you can make a lot of money from a home business of your choosing.

I distilled all my experience from working from home over a 20 plus year business career and wrote it out for you here.

But since I completed the original course I have been mentoring small business owners on how to get the maximum out of online marketing. I have been revising this course to now include a lot of the advice I have been giving my clients over the last 5 years I have been online

It is only 16 pages and covers the reasons for planning your business correctly and goes over things like the offline vs the online side of things.

The knowledge that you will be covering all aspects of planning your home business from the planning stages to the eventual three or four way split you should achieve to keep your business stable with a few different income streams.

I am not one of those people who promise you that they will not “fluff” out the course with filler. I intentionally do it with good reason, examples and explanations are important when you are planning your future.

It is only a 14 page report and covers a few checklists for you to note and remember when you get deeper into the training.

I have added a bonus report at the end of this page that is absolutely vital to the steps you need to apply in the research of your business.

Planning stages in a business are so important that you cannot overlook all those many small but vital aspects that will be a combination of pluses and minuses that will be your success or failure in your business.

I would even suggest that those of you who are already running your business take a close look at all the suggestions and ideas proposed in this business planning section of the course.

In this course there are two or three books that are absolutely necessary to how you plan your business. This one is d efinitely one of them.

I do a single detailed example on a product idea – Blanket Jackets, and go into some detail as to how you would approach making a product like this.

Please note that his one still covers ideas and examples and could be read earlier than the one where you need to already do your business plan.

Because I have been trading and selling different products on the markets for many years, I have tried a lot of these diverse markets that I describe here in this report.

You  have a such a vast array of choices when it comes to choosing where you would like to sell your crafts or products that you actually need a guide like this one to give you the advantage of knowing your options from the very beginning.

But believe me when I tell you that the information here in this tips and trick book is m ively valuable.

Even the most experienced craft market trader will learn a few things – or get reminded of a few vital things.

If you had two or three related business – related very closely in product – but differed hugely in how and where you do your marketing, you will build a safety net into your cash flow that will stand your business in good stead in your future.

This is only 23 pages but will give you a lot of great ideas on how you can stagger your existing craft or home business so that your stability financially becomes almost bullet proof.

Perhaps your first business was set up along one of these lines and you could then use any of the other possibilities to gain other cash flow options.

Well this is one of those situations. This 6 page book is pretty much just 3 real pages of nothing. Just my email address really.

But because all the covers and books had been written, it… Go to store

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