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plr ebooks more plr ebooks even more plr ebooks : :

Discover A HUGE ortment Of Fully-Customizable Instant Turnkey Ebooks Packages That YOU Can Own… And Then Have The Right To Rewrite Them, Edit Them, Break Or Merge The Contents, Sell And Keep 100% Of The Sales… In Fact, PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING YOU WANT TO DO WITH THEM YOU CAN – Even Put Your Own Name As The Author. It’s Your Choice!

Whether You’re Looking To Save Some Money On Casual Reading On You’re Searching For Instant Content, Perfect For Articles, Auto-Responders, Newsletters, Affiliate Resources, Guides Or Mini-Reports, You’re A Web Developer Looking To Deck Out Your Website You’re An Internet Entrepreneur Preparing To Start Your Own Home Business, Private Label Rights Are An Incredible Resource And One Of The Best Types Of Products You Can Buy.’ It’s Affordable, Easily Accessible And Flexible. If you’re not familiar with how PLR (Private Label Rights) works, it is essentially a way for multiple people to "share" pre-written content with each other. Since they are all given access to use or change the content, they pay significantly less. It is basically buying the rights to a product and claiming it to be your own legally!

(Always read the product licence carefully with any PLR you buy, so you understand exactly how you can modify your product and resell it, as they can vary significantly.)

Unrestricted Private Label Rights are considered the most flexible of all rights and therefore the most money making and rewarding. When you buy No Restriction Private Label Rights to a particular product, you get full ownership and the freedom to do w ver you want, at least in most cases, with the stuff. You can modify or change an original product, create your own specifications, apply modifications then claim it as your own original product. This is the beauty of unrestricted plr you can literally do w ver you choose to do with them including giving them away. Note: The most annoying part of private label rights is the licence Even though "unrestricted" is a pretty clear term, some product creators still slip minor restrictions into their licenses. Therefore, each time you do purchase a PLR product, be sure to read the license carefully to make sure the product really is unrestricted. At you are on to a winner as all ebooks come with zero restrictions which means you can do anything you want to with them as long as it’s legal.

I could go on and on explaining all the different reasons why this plr ebooks package is absolutely amazing. But you don’t have to take my word for it, why don’t you take a look at everything you are about to get and judge for yourself…

You can buy a single package of ebooks or Get the whole set at a m ive reduction for only $27 from this page. You can even buy a single ebook from within the Multi Pack. Click on the les for more information and to see how the plug-in sales website looks like. If you wish to order a single ebook le, simply click on it and you are directed to the le page where you can order it.

For your convenience all the links will open in a new window so you can close them, after reading the new page thoroughly, and be right back here…

Go ahead and simply click the order link below on the ebook or plr package you want. You’ll be taken to a special page where you can place your order, download the ebooks and have instant access to a wealth of knowledge. It’s super easy to do.

The majority of ebooks in our collection are in Adobe Acrobat Reader .PDF format and MS Word and work with any computer: easy to view, copy, print or share as you see fit.

ArtsAndEntertainment 7.52 MB orted 13.34 MB BusinessAndEconomy 16.82 MB ComputersAndTechnology 9.57 MB EducationAndReference 6.3 MB Fashion 2.16 MB Finance 26.11 MB FoodAndBeverage 3.83 MB HealthAndFitness 22.88 MB HomeAndFamily 13.88 MB

InternetBusiness 26.54 MB PLRLicense.txt 3.28 KB ProductReviews 1.83 MB SelfImprovement 9.35 MB Society 8.68 MB SportsAndRecreation 12.03 MB TravelAndLeisure 13.33 MB Vehicles 4.88 MB WritingAndSpeaking 2.57 MB Miscellaneous

* You can download, print and make copies of them for personal purposes. * You can claim authorship by putting your name within the creation itself. * You can edit or format the textual content, add bits and pieces of different works to create new products, re- le the ebooks, create a new e-cover, add pictures or illustrations as well as other media like sound or video clips. * You can Sell them on their own micro sites. Create a quick website using the included Sales… Go to store

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